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Apricot Tarte Tatin

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and much appreciated compliments on Katherine’s cake. It really was a delicious bake, very impressive indeed. We had a lovely week in Aylesbury, though sods law came into play a little and the weather has improved exactly one day after arriving back in Aberystwyth. Oh well, at least it is finally here and the month-long deluge is over. Prepare yourselves for a lengthy, but comical, rant regarding pastry!

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Raspberry and Amaretti Birthday Cake

As I’ve mentioned before, today is my 22nd birthday. In addition to the box of presents Katherine bought/made/cooked for me, she baked a rather spiffing birthday cake. However, since it’s my birthday and the recipe is pinched from here, I shan’t be doing a full post – merely making you all a little green. Envy my cake, for it is delicious!

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Crustless Spinach and Ricotta Quiche


Crusts are all well and good; in fact, I’ve counted them among my many inanimate friends for a number of years. However, they also contain copious amount of butter and flour. Indeed, though pastry is mighty delicious, I have noticed that a number of quiche-eaters neglect to munch most of the crust with which they have been supplied. As such, this is a recipe for those of you who want to avoid the added fat, carbs and cost afforded by pastry. Of course, this idea is transferrable to most quiche recipes, but it had to be introduced somewhere. In any case, please give the idea a go since it makes for a delicious and, more importantly, light lunch or dinner.

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Mint and Coriander Dip


As you might imagine, there aren’t many entirely incomprehensible acts that can take place in one’s own garden. However, the fact that some people grow their own herbs, fruit and vegetables and then fail to make any use of them succeeds superbly in making my mind boggle. Luckily, I am neither lazy nor feckless, though some may wish to contest the former, and try my hardest to make use of my own produce as often as is humanly possible. Happily, our mint seems to be rather enjoying our unseasonably wet weather, so this will be the first in a three-part series of simple, mint-based treats. Mint really is a gorgeous herb and one of my favourites, so I shall truly enjoy posting a trio of ideas based around it.

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Fragrant Chicken Biryani

Isn’t it odd that although life should always come before one’s blog, a strange pang of guilt manifests itself within one’s gut following every unannounced hiatus? To tell you the truth, I had found a good blogging-groove and was rather comfortable posting every other day. However, on Friday I jumped aboard a coach bound for Cardiff, in order to see my friend Tom. He played the part of host rather well and even cooked me a rather tasty prawn caldine, something which I hope to make frugal at a later date. The trip was just what I needed; an opportunity to get away from Aberystwyth and to do a little chilling. Since my eagerly awaited return I have found myself full of a kind of arrogant, yet not oppressive, verve and I intend fully to blog your socks off.