Za’atar Pork Wraps

Za'atar Pork Wraps Recipe (4)

As its name suggests, pork tenderloin (also pork fillet) is the most tender part of the pig, a characteristic that makes it a prime candidate for pan frying. As this recipe for Za’atar Pork Wraps will attest, tenderloin is at its best flavoured with a dry rub or marinade and cooked over a relatively high heat for only a few minutes. In this case, the dried herbs in the za’atar give the pork a fragrant quality, complemented by the citrus notes of the ground sumac. Eaten for lunch or dinner, these wraps make a filling, healthy and absolutely delicious meal.

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Homemade Wraps

Homemade Wraps Recipe (4)

Forget about having pasta or rice every day, and instead make these wraps and fill them with absolutely anything. So far we’ve had my homemade hummus, as well as a vegetable fajita mix – both of which are delicious. These homemade wraps are incredibly simple to make, they just require a little patience and a rolling pin.