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Patatas Revolconas

One of the finest things about holidaying in Spain is the fact that tapas is served, free of charge, with almost any drink you buy. The larger and more expensive the drink, the better the tapas will be. Buy a couple of beers (cervezas) for €3 and you may find yourself with a small plate of jamón ibérico. However, indulge in a gin-tonic or slightly larger cerveza and a plate of paella or patatas revolconas may be discovered beside one’s chosen beverage. For a food-blogger, the prospect of being given free food with an already inexpensive drink is almost overwhelming, the only down side being that one may end up consuming a little too much alcohol… but who cares? It’s a holiday! So, if you wish to recreate the Spanish ideal of relaxing in the sun, drinking a little more than usual and eating delicious food, which for some inexplicable reason was free, it’s probably best that you make this. Though I refuse to be blamed for any side-effects that may arise as a result of such indulgence… you acted of your own volition.