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Individual Egg and Spinach Bakes

Baked Eggs

In an attempt to cover all bases I bring with me today a rather delightful and fairly frugal recipe. I’ve been trying recently, with more or less success, to break out of the lunchtime monotony which became either a bacon sandwich or Marmite and Dairylea on toast. I guess it’s testament to the deliciousness of the aforementioned “meals” that they became monotonous; nevertheless the fact remains the same – boring they became. It also struck me that indulging in these delights was possibly rather unhealthy, particularly in light of the amount of butter slathered onto each chunk of white bread. I’m not sure if this recipe is technically any healthier than the others, but it is certainly more fresh and rather less salty and processed. After all, spinach has health benefits that are numerous and varied!

Healthy Eating Recipes Vegetarian

Spinach and Mackerel Risotto

Mackerel Risotto

Coming from a medieval market town situated on the coast of West Wales naturally that I’ve grown up with the smell of the sea and fish all around me. One of the most amazing things about living so close to a thriving sea is being able to indulge in a  little fishing from time to time. My dad has become a pretty enthusiastic fisher over the past few years, and although I’ve not quite followed him in his hobby I have been fishing with him a few times.

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Potato, Chickpea and Spinach Curry

Chickpea and Spinach Curry

As you have probably already discerned one of my favourite foods to eat is a good ol’ curry. They suit my taste perfectly. I like something filling, fresh and with plenty of flavour. One thing I have never tried, however, is putting a poached egg on top of a curry. Now, poached eggs are all well and good, in their own little environment; usually a muffin. However, I was a little skeptical of how they would fit in atop a curry. Fear not though my little foodies, all is not lost, a poached egg suits this curry down to the ground.