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Sweet Chilli Chickpeas

One thing really does lead to another in this world of bloggery. A few tit-bits seem to lead to the inevitable deluge of information. However, one might well suppose that it is always best to leave one’s readers wanting more – you shan’t get too much out of me, avid followers. If you wish to know more about what instrument I play you may visit the ‘about me’ section – sleuths you lot are not. In reply to the other questions asked: I am spending time with my girlfriend, Katherine, next week and; if I could be any superhero I would be Desperate Dan, since he gets to eat all the pie. As you can see, I intend not to wash away any carefully formed imaginations about myself quite yet – intrigue is rather underrated. More tit-bits will follow, but you shall be forced to practice restraint.

Asian Healthy Eating Recipes Thai Vegetarian

Simple Vegetarian Pad Thai Noodles

My food taste is forever changing; it’s very rare that I’ll eat one dish week-in week-out. However, occasionally I’ll come across something so simple, so quick and so tasty from that I can’t resist having it almost every other day. As you have probably guessed, Pad Thai Noodles, or at least my slightly simplified version, is the dish which I currently find irresistible. It’s simply perfect for working days in which all one needs is a nice, light and quick dish to see one through a shift.

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Sweet Chicken and Sesame Seed Stir Fry with Soy Salad

Isn’t BBC GoodFood just marvellous? One can just visit the site and type in any ingredient and it’ll give you a list of every recipe in which it is included. It’s simply ideal for those moments where one’s imagination fails and some guidance really is necessary. If you haven’t visited the site I implore you to do so, especially the Americans who read this blog – I can’t imagine you’ve had an awful lot to do with the BBC. This recipe is actually taken from the BBC GoodFood magazine, which my Grandmother receives once a month – she reads it, cuts out the recipes she likes and then passes the magazine onto me. This is fortunate, as my esteemed elder doesn’t really go for the more adventurous dishes, being somewhat traditionalist.