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Apple and Blackberry Sorbet

It’s that time of year again; summer is just about leaving us, but the first fruit of autumn is coming out to play [with our taste buds]. As you might have seen from my instagram (click the icon to the right, or follow @frugalfeeding) my apple tree is positively dripping with fruit – it is quite the sight to behold. This means that I can either let them rot, sell them or make delicious things with those that we don’t eat. The first of those options doesn’t bear thinking about; it simply wouldn’t be frugal. The second would mean having to traipse into town carrying a sack of apples, something I’m too lazy to do. So, by process of elimination the third option is the one that has been plumped for and look what happened – apple and blackberry sorbet. Even the blackberries were from a bush at the back of my garden. The only fruit left for me to make something with are our damsons.

Dairy-Free Desserts Recipes Sorbet Summer Vegan Vegetarian

Lemon Sorbet

The weather here in Britain is, at this particular moment, ridiculously warm; it’s so warm that I feel somewhat oppressed. Still, one mustn’t give up and resign oneself to inactivity; the weather won’t last too much longer, so something must be done. For instance, this lemon sorbet has an immediate cooling and refreshing effect which is simply ideal for such tropical conditions. I apologise for making it sound like some form of dermatological medicine, but fear not – it needn’t be applied liberally to one’s exterior. Simply take a scoop, as often as one can manage, and administer orally… this is one delicious sorbet!