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Orzo and Fresh Herb Salad

Orzo and Fresh Herb Salad

Shaped like a grain of rice but with the textural qualities of pasta, it’s easy to see why orzo is such a versatile ingredient. Indeed, whether in a casserole, salad or “risotto”, orzo performs admirably, adding a touch of lightness and a smooth texture to every dish. One of its finest qualities, however, is just how quickly it can be prepared. From start to finish this fresh herb salad should only take you 10 minutes to prepare, making it a great choice for anyone who’s in something of a rush.

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Samphire and New Potato Salad

Potato and Samphire Salad

When I was growing up the word ‘potato’ came across as a call to action; fry, chip or mash – we must do something! New potatoes aren’t, and never will be, in vogue with five year olds, but as we get older, a little wiser and a great deal fatter, their brilliance reveals itself. When boiled until just the right moment the new potato, whatever the variety chosen, possesses a pleasantly substantial texture and subtle, somewhat nutty flavour that lends itself perfectly and inimitably to the creation of “salads”.

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Sweet Potato and Chicken Salad


Salad dressing can sometimes be a little problematic, in that it has an irritating tendency to obey the laws of gravity and sink to the bowels of one’s salad bowl. Allowing a well-made dressing to miss out on even a moment’s culinary action is, in my book, indefensible. Happily, chicken and sweet potato act as an edible sponge for superfluous juices and do a great job of mopping up recalcitrant drizzle. It pains me to describe a dish a ‘well-integrated’, but with every ingredient cooperating with one another on myriad different levels, it’s hard not to.

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Blood Orange and Couscous Salad


The blood orange season is drawing to a close – March will be their last hurrah – though their tart flavour and vibrant colour more than makes up for a rather ephemeral existence. The best way to consume a regular orange is to feast on its sweet flesh, alone and unadulterated. However, as a result of their somewhat more complex flavour things are a little different when it comes to blood oranges – it makes them ideal candidates for all manner of salad. Though, of course, they do remain a pleasure when consumed in culinary isolation.

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Oriental Salad

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You’ll all agree that supermarkets tend to be fairly generic, drab spaces that people frequent only out of necessity. As food bloggers we soon grow weary of these commercial husks for being entirely unenticing and lacking in variety. However, it seems that UK based supermarket chain Morrisons, known for being the smallest and least corporate of the large supermarkets, is bucking the trend with surprising effect. For instance, the Aberystwyth ‘branch’ has recently undergone what I can only describe as a major upgrade and now offers a reasonably comprehensive variety of fresh fruit and veg. Any supermarket that offers five types of chard and four types of kale has succeeded in securing a tentative thumbs-up from this quarter – though I would, of course, rather support local business.