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Leek and Pea Risotto

Leek and Pea Risotto Recipe

You know, for someone who has never been a massive fan of the garden pea, I’m writing an awful lot of recipes that include them. One doesn’t usually ever come to terms with a pulse that was once forced upon you by a primary school dinner lady.

Nightmares were had; you can be assured of that. Indeed, they still aren’t particularly loved in this, very specific, corner of Wales – they taste a little too green for my liking – but it seems to me that their positive traits far outweigh their negative.

For instance, peas may be in possession of a rather suspicious green taste, but they are also ridiculously cheap and healthy. In my eyes, this paragraph is testament to just how good my pea and mint soup was – its taste was incredible, yet its main constituent was the humble garden pea.

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Baked Rosemary and Garlic Arancini

 One of the most enjoyable things about food blogging is its innate ability to furnish one with a wider knowledge of food, via the community. Though no one blog has influenced, or inspired me, in a particularly direct sense, certain ideas, as well as types of food, do tend to rub-off onto my gastronomic sleeve fairly frequently. Of course, that doesn’t mean that none of you are inspirational, you most certainly are, only that my blog has a very distinct drive and direction. This dish marks just one of the many culinary blotches which reside upon my metaphorical garments and I am so glad that it decided to transfer itself so vividly. Indeed, though they take a little time, care and preparation, arancini, which are essentially crispy balls of risotto, are exceptionally delicious, almost to the point of fatal delirium.

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Butternut Squash and Sage Risotto

Butternut squash is one of my favourite fruits and in many respects an exceedingly suitable ingredient for a risotto. If applied correctly, squash can convey impressive flavour, smooth texture and vibrant colour. The best way to achieve this is to purée the fruit before stirring it in, thus conveying every one of its favourable traits. Believe me, this silky, luxurious risotto is destined to impress.

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Spinach and Mackerel Risotto

Mackerel Risotto

Coming from a medieval market town situated on the coast of West Wales naturally that I’ve grown up with the smell of the sea and fish all around me. One of the most amazing things about living so close to a thriving sea is being able to indulge in a  little fishing from time to time. My dad has become a pretty enthusiastic fisher over the past few years, and although I’ve not quite followed him in his hobby I have been fishing with him a few times.

Healthy Eating Italian Recipes Vegetarian

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto

Another food I’ve been eating more of recently is mushrooms; I think my previous hate for them stems from my youth when I had an egg baguette in which I found, and accidentally ate, a rogue mushroom. However, I am now open to the idea of mushrooms, and this recipe, made up by Katherine makes perfect use of our fungal friends.