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Caramelised Onion Bread

One of the most attractive aspects of baking is that one can easily make use of a plethora of different ingredients. As such, my rediscovered penchant for savoury oven antics shall soon find itself with broadened horizons. After all, there’s no fun in baking exceedingly delicious bread, if it doesn’t have a personal and interesting twist. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little dull bread from time to time, but doing so is merely functional when compared with the eating of more complex loaves. Now, before you all rush for your collective soapbox, I ought really to further clarify my position. I’m not purporting the stance that bread which is both monochrome in both colour and flavour isn’t delicious, or fantastic, merely that a little extra is required to satisfy my intrigue. Granted, onion isn’t the most remarkable ingredient to employ in the baking of bread, but its flavour comes through magnificently.

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Beef Kofta Curry

Curry, loosely termed, is one of those dishes that everyone thinks they can cook incredibly well. However, more often than not it turns out that those who have claimed such a thing are spectacularly mistaken. Indeed, I’ve met very few people who can cook a remarkable curry, which is almost surprising given the many declarations of brilliance. Remember this, preparing a curry by using a shop-bought paste does not count as making a curry. When constructing a curry intended to be truly exquisite, it is impossible to undervalue time, attention and a homemade spice mix. Though one may rest assured that once one has undertaken the feat of making a homemade curry, one shall never intentionally return to the relatively insipid paste which insists on emerging from the dingy recesses of a factory filled glass jar. There’s nothing quite like a harsh lesson in reality, is there?

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Chorizo and Kale Broth

As predicted, the weather here has become remarkably warm and jolly unseasonable. One would, at this time of the year, expect one’s breath to be made visible by a late-spring chill. However, as this paragraph begins to takes shape, my eyes find themselves met with a sky of unbridled blue. We appear to have skipped spring entirely and charged head-first into summer – perhaps June will become the new winter. We shall yet join the Australians in having my namesake, jolly ol’ St. Nick, presented with a surf board and speedos, rather than coat and gloves.

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Caramelised Onion and Cheddar Cheese Quiche

Quiche, which is essentially a savoury tart, has been a staple in my diet for the majority of the past two decades. Almost all of these tarts have included onion, cheese, bacon and mushroom and have been made by my mother. Whilst this variety of quiche is by no means a disappointment, the time has come for a change. So, this week when it was announced that the much cooked quiche would once again feature on the weekly menu, I made the dramatic move of insisting on the injection of a little variety. It was a massive success, though if you prefer an entirely healthy lifestyle it may not be one for you. You may blame BBC GoodFood for this, since that’s where the recipe was discovered.