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Marzipan Mince Pies

Marzipan Mince Pies Recipe (3)

Mince Pies are, as well you know, a staple of Christmas here in Britain. A stalwart member of the festive lineup, these small, fruit-filled pies tend to come in one of two forms; completely covered in pastry, or adorned with a star. Personally, the former example is my mince pie of choice, but an effective way to make the latter more tempting is to replace pastry with marzipan. Marzipan Mince Pies look the part and possess a whole new element of flavour that more than makes up for the indulgence of a full-pastry pie.

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Mince Pies


So far, I’ve given you a recipe for shortcrust pastry and a recipe for mincemeat too, but I’ve yet to bring them together under one all-embracing banner until this moment!

Once you’ve made mince pies yourself, especially if you’ve done it the frugal way, you’ll never go back – homemade mincemeat is just too good and handmade pastry is simply a delight.

The kick of the brandy, which is present in prodigious quantity, combined with the flavour of the fruit is very tricky to rival. Remember to never underestimate the power of a well-made mince pie!