Duck Liver and Onions

Duck Liver and Onions Recipe

Growing up, my parents always ate quite traditionally. There were roasts every Sunday, plenty of casseroles to be had, seasonal puddings to be snaffled and, of course, liver and onions. As you’re probably aware, most children won’t go within touching distance of offal. The same was true in my mother’s kitchen. That attitude could never last for long, however; liver is too scrumptious not to be appreciated. This recipe for Duck Liver and Onions is fast becoming a favourite.

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So, it seems as though the time has come to accept that Christmas is just around the corner. The idea of beginning to celebrate a public holiday more than a couple of weeks in advance of its arrival has always sickened me somewhat. Alas, these days the build-up to such events begins before the preceding holiday. It has reached the point at which we always seem to be celebrating something; there should be a law which restricts the sale of themed paraphernalia to its relevant month. There is a distinct possibility that we shall soon be celebrating Christmas a year in advance.