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Autumnal Indian Soup

My real love for food lies in those dishes pervaded by a sense of warmth and richness, qualities which are epitomised by autumnal cuisine. The idea behind this dish came from a GoodFood recipe entitled Indian Winter Soup. However, it was used more as a guide for what one should do with pearl barley, something I had never cooked before, rather than as a set of defined directions. This meal was simply delicious, so warming and nutritious – this soup really does perfectly encapsulate what autumn, my favourite season, means for my kitchen.

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Leek and Chilli Lentils


One of the most enjoyable things about being a cook is “inventing” your own dishes however simple they may be. Recently I’ve been following more and more recipes as I try new food and new cuisines; however I think it’s important to keep one’s true creative credentials. Creative flair is what separates those who are cooks from those who can cook. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination saying I have masses of imagination and skill, but I can at least promise that this dish is my own creation and that it went down a treat!

Asian Healthy Eating Indian Recipes Vegetarian

Potato and Lentil Curry

Lentil and Potato Curry

Why oh why can finding the time, or motivation, to blog be so difficult sometimes? I love doing it, and I always think to myself: I need to do this as much as possible – it can just get a little frustrating. However, by this Friday all of my university commitments, excepting graduation, will be done away with, and I expect to be back to my blogging best. Indeed, if anyone has any recipes they’d like to challenge me to make for under £2 a portion, feel free to comment, or to send me an e-mail. One occasionally needs inspiration, but I do have some rather tasty, and different, ideas up my sleeve. How do homemade fish fingers sound?

Asian Healthy Eating Indian Recipes Vegetarian

Lentil Curry Soup with Chapati Triangles

Lentil Stew

It must be admitted that lentils are fast becoming one of my favourite foods. Even four years ago I wouldn’t even have considered eating them, and now really can’t get enough. Like potato they take on so much flavour, and are extremely healthy. This, in my opinion, makes them more suitable for spice-based dishes than chicken will ever be. Of course chicken has its virtues, but short of marinating it for 24-hours – which is a faff – in a dish like this it really becomes plain chicken surrounded by spices.

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Sausage and Lentil Stew

Sausage Lentil Casserole

Though this stew may not look like something one ought to eat in summer weather, it isn’t quite as rich as your usual stew and has just the right amount of kick to make it a perfectly summery dish. It’s also fairly light, if you use a conservative amount of sausage, because it is almost entirely devoid of carbs. The lightness and abundance of vegetables make it very healthy too.