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Butterbeans all’Arrabbiata

Butterbeans all'Arrabbiata

Autumn tends to be characterised by a distinct group of ingredients and styles – pumpkin, apple, pies and one-pot meals – but that isn’t the whole story. A simple, frugal pasta dish can be comforting and delicious in equal measure. Arrabbiata, with its hints of chilli and garlic demonstrates this perfectly, especially with a few butterbeans thrown in for good measure. Of course, chicken is the most common pairing with this Italian favourite, but for me it can often be a less-than-inspiring ingredient. Butterbeans all’Arrabbiata mixes things up beautifully, bringing an already incredible sauce to life.

Healthy Eating Recipes Vegan Vegetarian

Spiced Bean Casserole

Beans and, more generally, legumes are fast becoming my favourite source of protein. This is not because I find them more interesting or more flavoursome than meat, but because they are both frugal and rest considerably lighter on one’s stomach. As you will know, meat is a lot harder to digest and I prefer not to have to do it too frequently. Having said that and at the risk of rescinding my own financial and biological high ground, it is rather difficult to opt for legumes over a well-cooked cut of meat – that may be the problem. Perhaps I ought to round out this paragraph by reiterating a point which I frequently make; one needn’t indulge in meat every day of one’s existence.