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Spinach Fritters

Spinach Pakoras Recipe (4)

Simple, flavourful and healthy, fritters are among my favourite foods to make. Having already produced recipes for carrot and coriander, sardine, and courgette fritters, I was keen to attempt something a little different once more. Often when using spinach in a recipe like this one would blanch the leaves first, remove any excess moisture and generally “smush” things about a bit. This approach can sometimes prove a little brutal, removing many of the virtues of good-quality fresh spinach. Though a little more difficult to handle, these Spinach Fritters are every bit as fresh, green and crunchy as the wonderful plant employed in their making.

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Sardine Fritters

Sardine Fritters (1)

Fish can be an incredibly tricky food to incorporate into a frugal diet. Aside from mackerel – which is becoming more expensive – and other lesser known fish, most well-sourced fish is uncomfortably pricey. There are usually ways around expense, however, and using tinned fish is a good example of that. With three tins of sardines (£1.50) you can make up to 20 of these Sardine Fritters, which make a delicious and time effective meal.

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Courgette Fritters

Courgette Fritters

Courgette Fritters are a healthy and delicious entry in a type of food that has become notorious for its fat content (though my carrot and coriander fritters are another notable exception). The stigma attached to fritters came to the fore with the arrival of the Mars bar fritter in a hazy, calorie filled moment around 10 years ago (correct me if I’m wrong). Essentially a deep fried Mars bar, these hunks of what is essentially just fat and sugar endowed the term ‘fritter’ with something of a bad name. Gladly, with health a growing concern for many the aforementioned fritter – we shall no longer speak its name – has rightly fallen from grace and out of vogue (except perhaps in Glasgow). Though some notable and respectable household chefs still seek to add fat and cheese to their fritters, the very best renditions are light and just a tad spicy – perfection in the summer months.

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Carrot and Coriander Fritters

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Carrot and coriander is a classic culinary combination, but beyond the realm of soup it is, inexplicably, infrequently visited. The sweetness of a crisp, crunchy carrot, alongside that of ground coriander works almost too well, particularly when a handful of fresh coriander sees fit to join the proceedings. However, these are flavours that can be easily misplaced in the combative milieu of a complex dish; ground coriander simply doesn’t possess the pungency of ground cumin. For this reason, fritters seemed to be the best vehicle for the carrot and coriander flavour, given its delicacy. Besides, since my Virtual Vegan Potluck (VVP) post, for which I was awarded the prize for best soup, rather a lot of you have been clamouring for more frugal vegan recipes.