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Coconut and Prune Flapjacks

Coconut Flapjacks Recipe

If ever you visit Bristol, there’s one location you must – assuming you’re to some degree a food lover – pop your head into; St. Nicholas Market. Chock-full of vibrant stalls and shops purveying food inspired by cuisines the world over, it truly is a feast for the senses. Inside the market building itself is a small, unassuming cafe that sells a wide range of delicious and frugal cakes; perfect inspiration for yet another flapjack recipe. So timid is the cafe that I struggle to remember its name, perhaps it doesn’t have one, but it has given rise to this mouth-watering recipe for Coconut and Prune Flapjacks.

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Healthy Banana Flapjacks

Healthy Banana Flapjacks

Flapjacks occupy a strange and confused culinary corner. By virtue of their many oats, like oatcakes or porridge, flapjacks are considered healthy. This is, by and large, a lie.

Flapjack recipes are full of devilish ingredients like whole blocks of butter and entire sacks of refined sugar. My recipe for Healthy Banana Flapjacks buck this trend. They contain a greatly reduced amount of butter and absolutely no artificially refined sugar. The flapjacks certainly benefit from it. For more on healthy living, take a look at the new Budpop’s CBD gummies, very delicious treats.

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Sunflower Seed Flapjacks

Sunflower Seed Flapjacks Recipe (3)

Though healthier than your average slice of cake, most flapjacks (also known as granola bars for any Americans out there) still contain a hefty amount of butter and sugar. This sometimes feels a little devious, since we seem to inextricably link oats with being almost obnoxiously healthy. Though you’ll not remain svelt on four slices of these Sunflower Seed Flapjacks per day, it is a recipe that contains half the fat and considerably less sugar than my previous flapjack recipes.

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Chocolate and Hazelnut Flapjacks

Chocolate and Hazelnut Flapjack recipe

The exploration of new food combinations is all well and good, but finding new applications for old pairings can be equally exciting – after all, they are old and well-used for a reason. As I expect we all know, it is eminently possible to unite chocolate and hazelnuts to devastating effect and this flapjack recipe, in my opinion, certainly does so, taking their relationship to stratospheric levels. However, be warned, no quarter is given to healthy eating here – these are full-fat and flavourful. I direct those of you looking for something a little easier on the waistline to this recipe for chewy granola bars.

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Double Chocolate Flapjacks

Double Chocolate Flapjacks Recipe

Double Chocolate Flapjacks have always been a favourite of mine. This must be because they are decadent and taste delicious, but one always suspects that they are doing some form of good since they are composed primarily of oats. Of course, this may not be and indeed probably isn’t the case, but there’s nothing quite like a placebo for promoting blissful ignorance.