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Cooking the Caribbean – Jerk Pork

Jerk Pork

It’s simple but expensive to buy pre-made jerk sauce, or jerk seasoning, in the supermarket. For this reason I thought it best to try making some, and it’s delicious. In fact, as one might expect, you get an awful lot more flavour if you make it yourself. However, this recipe isn’t for the soft-tongued, it packs a punch – a problem which can be avoided, at cost of tradition – I suppose – by adding less chilli. I loved this meal, but my girlfriend wasn’t quite sure – because of the heat issue. But don’t let that put you off!

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Pork Satay with Cold Noodle Salad

Pork Satay

The number-one place on my list of towns to retire to is Bradford-on-Avon. It is so beautiful, unspoiled by masses of those dreadful 1960-esque council houses. We visited there yesterday in order to get out of Bristol, something we haven’t done for quite a while. The weather was perfect all day, as you can probably tell, and I highly recommend a trip there. What I was particularly excited about was the two old-fashioned tea/coffee houses there. At both the waiters/waitresses are dressed up in period costume. Alas we only managed to visit one, but the brownie was a triumph.

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Lentil Curry Soup with Chapati Triangles

Lentil Stew

It must be admitted that lentils are fast becoming one of my favourite foods. Even four years ago I wouldn’t even have considered eating them, and now really can’t get enough. Like potato they take on so much flavour, and are extremely healthy. This, in my opinion, makes them more suitable for spice-based dishes than chicken will ever be. Of course chicken has its virtues, but short of marinating it for 24-hours – which is a faff – in a dish like this it really becomes plain chicken surrounded by spices.

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Celebratory Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

I’m Back! I apologise – if anyone cares – about my week-long hiatus from blogging. Exams got a bit much to continue alongside writing recipes up. However, I’ve still been making frugal, yet yummy, recipes, and I have a rather large backlog to get through. So, somewhat dubiously, I’m beginning with my girlfriend’s most recent cooking experience. This carrot cake comes extremely highly recommended – it is delicious. I believe her mother picked it up from some American woman, and although it is slightly edited – so it “fits in” with the frugal aspect – it honestly cannot be faulted.

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Butterbean Broth


Butterbean BrothAt the beginning of the university term I decided I wanted to continue eating a wider range of foods. So I picked up tins of a number of different pulses, which come in at a wonderful 30p each and serve two, and thought I’d sort of “invent” a variety of dishes as I went along. Two of these tins contained butter beans, the first of which I used to make butterbean patties, but I really wanted to conserve the shape and textures of the butterbeans, so with some help from BBC Goodfood – which by-the-way is fantastic – this butterbean broth was born.