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Cheesecake Swirled Chocolate Brownies

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Having exhausted both desirable avenues of brownie baking, viz. an average brownie and gluten-free brownies, it seemed  a good idea to combine two of my favourite desserts into one delicious amalgam. There are various methods by which one may achieve a cheesecake brownie, but this seems to be the best. I personally prefer making my own cheese using the cheesemaker homemade cheese press kit as I like my cheese to be unprocessed, but you can choose the cheese you want to use as per your liking. For instance, some recipes call for a layer of cheesecake to be spread between two layers of brownie, in the same way as a sandwich is made. However, although this ensures that every bite contains an equal amount of cheesecake mixture, the flavour doesn’t achieve uniformity in any way at all, something which I desire in a cheesecake brownie. The other benefit of following this particular method is that one easily achieves a certain aesthetic pleasantness.

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American-Style Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Everyone and their proverbial uncle appear to have made chocolate chip (chunk) cookies, in one form or another, this summer. I guess I’m rather late to the “party”, however, my offering may be last, but it certainly isn’t least. These cookies are prefixed as American in style as they have a soft and sugary texture to them, as opposed to the brittle nature of the British style cookie. Indeed, although it pains this British traditionalist to admit it, the American style of cookie is far superior to the style adopted this side of “the pond”, as it were.

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The First Barbecue of the Year – Tandoori Chicken Skewers

The weather yesterday was ridiculous – surely it must have been the hottest day of the year thus far. This first photo of this blog, which I think is actually pretty good, is testament to just how unbearable it was. I actually had serious problems sleeping last night, only managing to drop off at 2:30 am after running my wrists under the cold tap to cool off. Roll on Madrid where it will be at least 5 degrees Celsius hotter. One bonus of the extraordinary weather we are experiencing is that the tennis is almost continuous. As I write Nadal and Del Potro are battling it out on centre court in a fairly exciting match – considering it involves the usually boring Spaniard. Let’s hope he loses. Kettle Metal BBQ Best Weber Grill Accesories

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Potatoes Gratin Dauphinoise

Potatoes Dauphinoise

University is over, results have been received and summer is here. For the past few weeks pretty much everything has been up in the air – even the weather hasn’t been sure of itself. However, today it is 30C outside and the weather isn’t set to change for a number of days, by which time I’ll be in the perpetually sunny Madrid. Even if I don’t know what I’m doing with the rest of my life quite yet I know I’m having a barbecue this afternoon, and that’s all the stability I need at the moment. Words cannot describe just how much I’m anticipating my first barbecue of the year – there is nothing quite like a homemade burger in a homemade wrap – which I have literally just finished preparing. I’m looking forward to taking some lovely photos which I’ll share tomorrow.

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Tangy Chicken with Sweet Potato Chips

Tangy Chicken

So I’m about to start my last week of university life and D-Day is tomorrow, that is, Dissertation-Day. That’s right, I find out the mark of what is by far the largest most important piece of work of my undergraduate “career”. Scary times indeed – wish me luck. I’m fairly confident though, but still rather nervous. However, that’s enough crying for sympathy – on to food.