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Easter Biscuits

Recipe for Easter Biscuits

Easter biscuits are exactly as they are described. Biscuits – in the British (accurate) sense – given to friends and family on Easter Sunday. They are lightly spiced – traditionally with cassia oil – and punctuated temptingly with intense currants.

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Hot Cross Bread and Butter Pudding

Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding (2)

Excepting the obvious, the most frequently eaten treat at Easter is almost certainly the hot cross bun. Spicy, fruity and soft on top, these sweet buns have become something of a British institution, traditionally consumed on Good Friday. Unfortunately, unlike Dame Helen Mirren, this is one British institution that goes stale given sufficient time.

Indeed, a week has been so carelessly allowed to elapse since the World’s favourite chocolate-based holiday and it is likely that a great number of bread bins are inhabited by the forgotten crossed buns of Easter. Usually, this would spell waste or perhaps bird food, but no more – a recipe for hot cross bread and butter pudding has arrived.

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Easter Tiffin Cake

Since today is Easter Sunday I thought I’d simply wish you all a happy Easter and allow you all to look upon the wonderful creation that is my Easter cake. There really isn’t much to say regarding this creation, it’s made of copious amounts of chocolate and that’s all the information one needs. However, see if you can spot the little not-quite-so-secular Easter themed nod hidden within. Have a lovely day and don’t binge too much.

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