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Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza


Posting two similar recipes in quick succession isn’t something that I’d usually indulge in, but time has been short recently and pizzas are awfully quick and simple to make; particularly when using pre-prepared dough. While on the subject of dough, a couple of you weren’t sure how the quality of it would be affected by being frozen for a few days. It seems that all fears of any dough-damage were entirely misplaced, as it produced a base of exactly the same quality. However, one must ensure that the dough has completely thawed before use. Indeed, I would suggest that one ought really to remove it from any chilled environment overnight before using it for pizza. Those of you who suggested that such an act would degrade the dough ought to feel ashamed. I wasn’t aware that faith in my instruction had waned quite that much!

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Mushroom and Garlic White Pizza


Recently, a number of blogs have reminded me that there hasn’t been a pizza featured on frugalfeeding for quite some time. I don’t necessarily feel that an average, commonly found pizza has much of a place on food blogs, since everyone knows what they are and how to make them. This recipe, however, clearly isn’t average, since the base isn’t spread with tomato sauce. Instead, it is scattered with cheese that melts readily, such as cheddar or mozzarella. This is an idea which first came to my attention during a visit to a pizza café in Bristol, which served something similar to this, only with caramelised onions and less mushrooms and garlic. It was delicious and I’ve been fascinated with the idea ever since.