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Chana Masala

Chana Masala Recipe

Indian cuisine is one that makes use of a huge range of what are, on the face of it, expensive ingredients. This recipe for Chana Masala, for instance, uses a total of five spices plus a few other fresh ingredients; garlic, ginger and chilli. While the initial outlay for these flavourings may seem quite the investment, shopping carefully could mean that the spices you’ve bought will be enough for perhaps 40 similar dishes. Indian cuisine is probably the most frugal culinary avenue out there!

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Tarka Dhal

Tarka Dhal

Dhal is one of my very favourite Indian foods. It’s both simple and honest, not to mention so pleasantly frugal that one could it all day every day and never notice it make a dent in one’s finances. To the uninitiated, dhal may at first appear sloppy and unappealing – rather like porridge – but once you’ve had a chance to experience its dense and satisfying texture your views on Indian cuisine will be forever enhanced.

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Fresh Coconut and Prawn Curry

Fresh coconut and prawn curry

Coconut is a frequently used ingredient in curry across the Indian subcontinent and, consequently, Britain. In my experience, most British proponents of the coconut tend to use the desiccated variety, which perfectly acceptable. However, though acceptable, desiccated coconut lives up to its name through lack of moisture, passion and interest. Indeed, until you’ve dabbled in fresh, you’ve never properly experienced coconut.

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Sweet Potato and Almond Curry

Sweet Potato and Almond Curry Recipe

If you’re ever in Bristol there’s a local chain of authentic curry houses you simply must visit. The Thali Café has rather high praise and one of its current specials was my main source of inspiration for this Sweet Potato and Almond Curry recipe. Armed with the knowledge that the curry contained cream, ground almonds and cardamom I set about my business…

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Fragrant Chicken Biryani

Isn’t it odd that although life should always come before one’s blog, a strange pang of guilt manifests itself within one’s gut following every unannounced hiatus? To tell you the truth, I had found a good blogging-groove and was rather comfortable posting every other day. However, on Friday I jumped aboard a coach bound for Cardiff, in order to see my friend Tom. He played the part of host rather well and even cooked me a rather tasty prawn caldine, something which I hope to make frugal at a later date. The trip was just what I needed; an opportunity to get away from Aberystwyth and to do a little chilling. Since my eagerly awaited return I have found myself full of a kind of arrogant, yet not oppressive, verve and I intend fully to blog your socks off.