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Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

So, it’s officially a week until Christmas day, how very exciting! There appears to be a lot of excitement surrounding the festive season this year, but perhaps I’m a little more receptive to it since I’m spending it with Katherine and her family. To be honest, it’ll be very interesting to see how another family spends Christmas; perhaps they should be taught the family card game. How apt that this soup should look quite so festive.

Many recipes for red pepper soups perform rather badly when it comes to preserving the natural sweetness of the fruit. As such, I’ve been very careful to avoid pairing it with anything that would disguise the main qualities of the bell pepper. Tomatoes, themselves being sweet, work very well in this capacity. The result is a deliciously sweet and temptingly light soup, worthy of just about anyone’s best bowls. However, one must remember to season correctly and delicately according to the recipe; salt is added to enhance the natural flavours of a dish and (usually) not to become a flavour itself.

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Homemade Mincemeat


I’d be prepared to wager that mincemeat is one of the most commonly used ingredients during the festive season. It’s simply impossible to imagine just how many mince pies we manage to consume in December.

Having said that, I’d also bet that 95% of us don’t make our own mincemeat. It’s generally accepted that food made in the home is superior in taste than buying processed supermarket fare. Mincemeat is no exception to the rule.

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Chicken Liver Pâté

So, it seems as though the time has come to accept that Christmas is just around the corner. The idea of beginning to celebrate a public holiday more than a couple of weeks in advance of its arrival has always sickened me somewhat. Alas, these days the build-up to such events begins before the preceding holiday. It has reached the point at which we always seem to be celebrating something; there should be a law which restricts the sale of themed paraphernalia to its relevant month. There is a distinct possibility that we shall soon be celebrating Christmas a year in advance.