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Chocolate and Hazelnut Flapjacks

Chocolate and Hazelnut Flapjack recipe

The exploration of new food combinations is all well and good, but finding new applications for old pairings can be equally exciting – after all, they are old and well-used for a reason. As I expect we all know, it is eminently possible to unite chocolate and hazelnuts to devastating effect and this flapjack recipe, in my opinion, certainly does so, taking their relationship to stratospheric levels. However, be warned, no quarter is given to healthy eating here – these are full-fat and flavourful. I direct those of you looking for something a little easier on the waistline to this recipe for chewy granola bars.

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Blueberry Brownies

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There isn’t a lot one can say about brownies that hasn’t already been said a thousand times before. However, it never harms to reiterate the main characteristics each and every brownie should possess; they ought to be dense, moist, exceedingly rich and jolly unhealthy. If one succeeds in attaining such characteristics, it’s fairly likely that one will have become the creator of a more than adequate brownie. Making frugal brownies is really very simple, you know.

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Double Chocolate & Whiskey Banana Bread

Double chocolate and Whiskey Banana Bread

This is my third banana bread recipe and, much like with cheesecake, I have said all that needs to be said on the general subject. However, for the benefit of those of you who are too lazy to check, I shall reiterate the main benefit of banana bread:

“As we all know, banana bread is one of those extremely useful recipes that most of us crack out when we wish to avoid waste. Indeed, for some unknown reason people often seem to be left, by the end of the week, with two or three rather brown and partially inedible bananas. It is as though they’ve read about their health benefits and have promptly forgotten their dislike for the unadulterated fruit. Still, this is a great way to use up those superfluous bananas that, in my opinion, renders the usual texture of the fruit bearable.”

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Mocha Mousse

Mocha Mousse

As you will all know, there are certain dishes, be they savoury or sweet, that stick in one’s mind in an almost belligerent manner. Such treats, though delicious in the first instance, often subject one to interminable temptation, thus reducing men to insatiable wretches. The only thing able to cure such flagrant desire is what caused it in the first place, or something very much like it. In my case Mocha Mousse is the culprit – it is simply too good.

Since I rarely like to make the same dessert twice I had to think of a way to alter the recipe, but still maintain what I loved about it in the first place; it’s texture and lightness. Happily, this was easily achievable since coffee is both easy to incorporate into such a thing and combines so well with chocolate that I’ve often, and rather strangely, mistaken them for long lost brothers. Indeed, this mousse works so well that I think it is perhaps better than my previous rendition!

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Double Chocolate Flapjacks

Double Chocolate Flapjacks Recipe

Double Chocolate Flapjacks have always been a favourite of mine. This must be because they are decadent and taste delicious, but one always suspects that they are doing some form of good since they are composed primarily of oats. Of course, this may not be and indeed probably isn’t the case, but there’s nothing quite like a placebo for promoting blissful ignorance.