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Chorizo and Kale Broth

As predicted, the weather here has become remarkably warm and jolly unseasonable. One would, at this time of the year, expect one’s breath to be made visible by a late-spring chill. However, as this paragraph begins to takes shape, my eyes find themselves met with a sky of unbridled blue. We appear to have skipped spring entirely and charged head-first into summer – perhaps June will become the new winter. We shall yet join the Australians in having my namesake, jolly ol’ St. Nick, presented with a surf board and speedos, rather than coat and gloves.

Healthy Eating Recipes

Homemade Chicken Stock

Are you one of those types who, after having a delicious, succulent and potentially costly Sunday roast, looks at the carcass of your far from alive chicken and feels slightly guilty, both monetarily and in conscience, about wasting such fine remains? I have a confession, I am one of these ignominious characters who lets his penchant for laziness get the better of him week in week out and neglects to stew up the bones of his deceased hen with but one thing in mind; chicken stock. After all, let’s not beat around the bush, chicken stock does take a fair amount of time and effort to prepare. However, you must take my word for it that by making one’s own stock one really will be sampling the cream of the bone marrow crop.