Bread Recipes

Irish Soda Bread

Recipe for Irish Soda Bread

Though baking bread is simple, not a lot of people do it on a regular basis. The reason? Time. Bread takes time. Well, almost all good bread does. But there is an answer. A simple one; Irish Soda Bread.

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Sourdough French Toast

Sourdough French Toast Recipe

French toast is the ultimate in simple, luxury breakfasts. There’s something special about thick slices of bread soaked in an eggy mixture flavoured with nutmeg and lemon. Add sourdough to the recipe for a little depth of flavour and  you’ve got a meal that will really get your day off to the perfect start.

Baking Middle Eastern Recipes

Za’atar Flatbreads

Za'atar Flatbread Recipe (4)

There are always several balls of pizza dough stored away in my freezer. Divided into portions of around 100g, with a few added ingredients they make a delicious and frugal meal in almost no time at all. While these za’atar flatbreads are by no means intended to be a meal in and of themselves, served alongside an orzo salad or red cabbage slaw they certainly add the finishing touches to dinner time. Really, this recipe is astonishingly quick and the results are among the most mouthwatering available on the food blog market.

Baking Bread Recipes

Seed and Honey Bread

Mixed Seed and Honey Bread Recipe (1)

Bread plays an important role during the long winter months, be it as part of a comforting door-stop sandwich or simply to accompany a hearty bowl of soup. As such, it’s important to keep your choice in bread fresh and varied; five months of white bread isn’t entirely appealing. In this situation it’s best to bring a little extra flavour and texture to the mix. This recipe for Seed and Honey Bread delivers in spades on both counts.

Healthy Eating Recipes

Poached Egg on Spinach

Poached Egg on Spinach

Spinach is an impressively versatile ingredient. Graced with heaps of inimitable flavour and significant nutritional value – a trait famously demonstrated by Popeye – this superfood has no trouble stamping its unique mark on many a dish. Despite this, simplicity is the key when attempting to unlock the full potential of spinach; a knob of butter is all that is necessary to bring to the fore its vibrant colour and delicious, though complex, flavour. Once wilted, this iron and calcium rich plant serves very well as a topping for toast, morning, noon and night – throw an expertly poached egg into the equation and what you have is a meal fit for any occasion.