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Blood Orange Cake

Blood Orange Cake (3)

Whenever March rolls around, my kitchen tends to go a little blood orange mad. They are a fascinating fruit, equally delicious in a salad as they are on their own or in a sweet bake. Largely a result of their tart quality, their versatility is almost unparalleled – a statement my recipe for Blood Orange Cake will hopefully bear testament to.

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Blood Orange and Couscous Salad


The blood orange season is drawing to a close – March will be their last hurrah – though their tart flavour and vibrant colour more than makes up for a rather ephemeral existence. The best way to consume a regular orange is to feast on its sweet flesh, alone and unadulterated. However, as a result of their somewhat more complex flavour things are a little different when it comes to blood oranges – it makes them ideal candidates for all manner of salad. Though, of course, they do remain a pleasure when consumed in culinary isolation.