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Beetroot and Feta Pancakes

Beetroot and Feta Pancakes Recipe

Though neither savoury or sweet, pancakes are generally filled or topped with sweet ingredients. Lemon and sugar, maple syrup, blueberry jam; the list of sweet pancake toppings is endless. Despite this, pancakes lend themselves favourably to savoury pancake fillings like beetroot and feta with just a smattering of fresh British watercress.

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Beetroot Cupcakes

Towards the end of my last post I moaned a little about how badly my red velvet cupcakes had turned out. However, due to a smattering of public demand I have decided to post the recipe for all of you beetroot lovers out there. Please, be assured that if you like beetroot then this recipe is for you; the flavour is subtle, yet delicious and the texture is surprisingly light. Of course, as I am never one to give in, the red velvet cupcakes will eventually see the light of day.