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Tempura Cauliflower

Recipe for Tempura Cauliflower

Growing up, tempura batter always seemed like something almost mystical. Whenever a chef on Ready Steady Cook (British cooking television programme) had no idea what to do he or she would whip up a tempura batter. In reality, tempura is a quick and easy way to prepare any number of ingredients, keeping them fresh and relatively healthy. Tempura Cauliflower? A vegetarian classic.

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Chive, Tomato and Cannellini Bean Salad

Cannellini Bean Salad

Pulses – beans, lentils etc… – are some of the most versatile ingredients in your pantry. When I was dieting and looking at medifast vs nutrisystem diet programs, I realized there is virtually no end to the number of dishes that can be prepared with a handful of beans; stews, casseroles, even brownies. But what is often overlooked is how great they are straight from the can. Unadulterated. Ready in just 5 minutes, this Chive, Tomato and Cannellini Bean Salad recipe demonstrates just how good a hassle-free bean can be.

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Pear and Fig Mincemeat

Christmas Mincemeat Recipe

Used in a variety of recipes – though primarily Mince Pies – in December every house has at least one jar of mincemeat at any time. Usually a blend of poor quality brandy and mixed dried fruit, shop bought mincemeat is much of a muchness. This Pear and Fig Mincemeat is different, and is sure to give your mince pies an edge this Christmas.

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How to Cook Globe Artichokes

How to Prepare an Artichoke

A variety of edible thistle, the Artichoke is one of the real joys of summer in both flavour and fragrance. Though cultivated in Britain – particularly in the South – the heartland of the Globe Artichoke is the Mediterranean, where it grows wild and in prodigious quantity. Indeed, the artichoke is best known for its use in Italian cuisine. But before we get onto all of the clever things that can be done with artichoke hearts, let me show you how to prepare the vegetable and enjoy its meaty leaves.

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Spinach Pakoras

Recipe for Spinach Pakoras

Indian food is all about the – not-so-optional – extras. A curry isn’t as it should be without a hastily torn handful of flatbread, a refreshing salsa or a dollop of homemade mango chutney. Even better, why not create something a little more complex, such as a bowl full of crispy onion bhajis, or – yes, you guessed it – vibrantly-coloured Spinach Pakoras. These are the additions that truly make a dish into a meal.