Barbecue Dexter Short Ribs

barbecue dexter short ribs recipe

Look at that meat. Crispy at its edges, yet scratch the surface and you’re greeted by a life-reaffirming juiciness. Forget the over-cooked burgers and sausages so full of rusk you’d scarcely recognise the pig; these ribs can’t be over-done. The longer you cook ’em, the better they’ll taste. This is how you win barbecue season. These ribs are the clear sign that many times the food that makes us gain weight is the most delicious, the advantage is that nowadays with all the technological advances, there are methods that can help us maintain our figure while we eat delicious food.

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Tomato and Olive Salsa

How To Make Tomato and Olive SalsaOne of our favourite ways to eat during the summer months is very much in the Spanish style of tapas. Though not always Spanish in origin, the food that fills our table at this time of year is varied and plentiful. And of course, every spread of tapas must feature a salsa; this recipe for Tomato and Olive Salsa is one of our favourites.

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Greengage and Honey Compote

Greengage & Honey Compote

If you like plumbs and want to cook with them, look no further than the humble greengage. Adorably small, attractively green and somewhere between bitter and sweet, greengages lend themselves well to a wide spectrum of sweet dishes, bakes and preserves; not least this simple, yet devastatingly delicious Greengage and Honey Compote.

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Watermelon, Mint and Feta Salad

Recipe for Watermelon and Feta Salad

Though it has – thankfully – cooled off a little here in the UK, watermelon still firmly has its place in providing refreshment where only stifling heat previously existed. So well does the fruit live up to its name that devouring but a few chunks feels akin to seeing off a good few glasses of ice-cold water. Happily – for this recipe for Watermelon, Mint and Feta Salad, at least – watermelon lends itself as well as any fruit to savoury concoctions, providing a sweet juiciness you can’t help but gobble.

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Greengage Tart

Greengage Tart

For those of you who aren’t sure, greengages are a variety of dessert plum with a taste somewhere between bitter and sweet. Green in colour and small in size, greengages are the quintessential cooking plum – though they are also enjoyable in their unadulterated form. Simply roast or reduce them with a sprinkling of sugar and they’ll work equally well in chutney, cake, puddings or a greengage tart.