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Christmas Baked Rice Pudding

This recipe for Christmas Baked Rice Pudding is rich and creamy, and packed with warming whole spices. The perfect dessert for a cold winter’s evening.


Rice pudding – baked or otherwise – is one of those desserts that only comes around every so often. But when it does, you quickly remember why you enjoyed the last one you had quite so much.

It is rich, comforting food. It’s good food. Ok, it doesn’t sound particularly enticing – who in their right mind would choose baked rice pudding over a chocolate bomb?

Well, I would – that’s who!


Healthy Mango Eton Mess

healthy mango eton mess

Eat Eton mess? I should be so lucky. Full to the brim with thickly whipped double cream, it’s a dessert best left for others. Or so I’m told. Yet, there exists one loophole in the Eton mess embargo; Greek yoghurt. And it isn’t at all a disappointing one, like so many workarounds end up being. Healthy though it is, my mango Eton mess remains worthy of eager consumption.

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Om Ali (Egyptian Bread Pudding)

Egyptian Om Ali Recipe

Om Ali is a storied dessert. There are a number of tales that purport to explain its origins. Whichever is correct, and I’ll not regale you with them here, one thing is for sure; literally translated, ‘om Ali’ means ‘mother of Ali’. But more importantly, it is the Egyptian take on the British classic bread and butter pudding.

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Fig and Pear Crumbles

Fig and Pear Crumble Recipe

Is there anything more attractive than a fig perched in a nest of sweet pears and buttery crumble? Of course not. These individual Fig and Pear Crumbles are a great way to impress family members and dinner guests alike at this time of the year. But be quick; fig season is almost over and they’re nigh impossible to get your hands on at a reasonable price once winter hits.

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Caramelised Pear Pavlova

Caramelised Pear Pavlova Recipe

Dedication to the fight against food waste – an integral part of frugality – often requires a little thought and preparation (for more info see my tips page). When you make custard, for instance, it isn’t acceptable simply to throw the egg whites away. What a waste! Instead, whip them up into a fuss, bake them and drench liberally with indulgent greek yoghurt and sumptuous caramelised pears.