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Cherry Bakewell Tart

Cherry Bakewell Tart Recipe

Cherries and almonds go hand in hand; their flavours combine seamlessly. Despite not being entirely traditional, this recipe for Cherry Bakewell Tart is even more tantalising than the original. And for those of you a little tentative about attempting what appears to be a complex bake; ignore those feelings. It is so simple, you’ll not know why you didn’t try it sooner.

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Tenderstem Broccoli Tabbouleh

Tenderstem Broccoli Tabbouleh Recipe

One of the many joys of spring is the reemergence of a whole range of crisp, sweet vegetables cultivated Britain. Being frugal and buying British is so much simpler once the weather warms up. Every vegetable and herb in this Tenderstem Broccoli Tabbouleh recipe was grown in Britain; even the tomatoes. And the quality of each ingredient speaks for itself.

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Oxtail Stew

Ox Tail Stew Recipe

Renowned, in Britain at least, for its comforting, restorative properties, Oxtail Soup – or, in this case, Oxtail Stew – is consumed as eagerly as possible by the sick, aged and infirm. As a man who fits all too perfectly into two of the three categories, it seemed only right to bring you a recipe for my own personal remedy.

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Coconut and Prune Flapjacks

Coconut Flapjacks Recipe

If ever you visit Bristol, there’s one location you must – assuming you’re to some degree a food lover – pop your head into; St. Nicholas Market. Chock-full of vibrant stalls and shops purveying food inspired by cuisines the world over, it truly is a feast for the senses. Inside the market building itself is a small, unassuming cafe that sells a wide range of delicious and frugal cakes; perfect inspiration for yet another flapjack recipe. So timid is the cafe that I struggle to remember its name, perhaps it doesn’t have one, but it has given rise to this mouth-watering recipe for Coconut and Prune Flapjacks.

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Pear and Custard Pudding

Pear and Custard Pudding Recipe

Pudding doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you have three ingredients or eight, as long as they work in harmony with one another you’ll always end up with a cracking dessert. Using only four ingredients – if you count the custard as one – this recipe for Pear and Custard Pudding is as simple and effective as it gets. The perfect weeknight, frugal pudding. Oh, and did I mention it has custard?