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Dark Chocolate Cheesecake with Cinder Toffee Dust

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

After very little deliberation it has been rather easy to come to the conclusion that cheesecake is my favourite type of dessert. It is so dense and smooth, and as Gregg Wallace of Masterchef fame will tell you, there is nothing better than a nice, moist, “buttery biscuit base”. My original plan for this recipe was to incorporate in some way the chocolate bar Crunchie, but I thought that method wouldn’t work all that well and it might end up a little more expensive than hoped. So instead we went out and bought some cinder toffee, which you can get from most supermarkets or health-food shops. We would have made it instead, but didn’t have enough time. For those of you with enough time here is a good cinder toffee recipe.

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Fish Fingers, Chips and Tartare Sauce

fish and Chips

Seaside towns like Aberystwyth are known for their good quality chip shops, and what could be better than sitting on the lovely promenade, watching the sun set, eating a fillet of freshly battered cod? As such, when I eat oven chips and frozen fish fingers I always feel a little empty because although what’s in front of me may be cheap, it isn’t particularly tasty.

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Simple Curry Powder

Curry Powder

I thought it might be helpful if I provided some kind of basic curry powder recipe so my readers could go away and make a cheap and easy curry even if they don’t have all the ingredients to make one of my recipes. At the very least I think you should have these spices in your spice rack, once you do it takes a matter of seconds to create a large pot of this powder so you needn’t have to make up a separate spice mix for every curry you cook.

By the way, my inclusion of this “recipe” in both the Indian and British categories is because although it quite clearly makes use of Indian spices, it is actually something brought over here during the colonial era by us Brits.

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Traditional English Custard Tart

English Custard Tart

One of the best things about coming home to Aberystwyth for the holidays are my parent’s chickens. There’s nothing better than three home-grown free range chickens each producing an egg  a day for your eating pleasure. Apart from the fact that, beyond a little upkeep, the eggs are basically free, the bonus of keeping chickens is that the eggs are so much better than the ones you find in the supermarket. Because the chickens are treated properly and the eggs are fresh, eggs laid by your own chickens will have far more colour and flavour.