Baking Bread

Beginner’s Sourdough Bread

It feels like everyone knows and yearns for good bread. Even if they don’t bake it, they have a supplier. And it’s because there’s something so fundamentally comforting about a good loaf – a combination, perhaps, of its mouth-watering aroma, chewy texture and thick crust.

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Homemade Naan Bread

how to make naan bread at home

Naan bread is, for me, one of the staples of a good Indian meal. Less rice, more bread; that’s my motto. And it’s a good one. One to live by. Homemade naan bread? Even better. Far better, in fact. Once you’ve learnt to make a good naan bread from the comfort of your home, you’ll never look back.

Bread Recipes

Irish Soda Bread

Recipe for Irish Soda Bread

Though baking bread is simple, not a lot of people do it on a regular basis. The reason? Time. Bread takes time. Well, almost all good bread does. But there is an answer. A simple one; Irish Soda Bread.

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Soft White Bread Rolls

Soft White Bread Rolls

Soft White Bread Rolls are certainly one of the most versatile varieties of bread you can make. They are equally perfect alongside a steaming bowl of soup, filled with egg and cress for a seaside picnic, or stuffed with a succulent pork burger and red cabbage slaw. This recipe for white bread rolls is so simple and flavourful that you’d happily consume all 8 with half a pound of butter and nothing more.

Baking Bread Recipes

Seed and Honey Bread

Mixed Seed and Honey Bread Recipe (1)

Bread plays an important role during the long winter months, be it as part of a comforting door-stop sandwich or simply to accompany a hearty bowl of soup. As such, it’s important to keep your choice in bread fresh and varied; five months of white bread isn’t entirely appealing. In this situation it’s best to bring a little extra flavour and texture to the mix. This recipe for Seed and Honey Bread delivers in spades on both counts.