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Fragrant Red Lentil Dhal

This is my third dhal recipe, but it is fundamentally different from the other two in that it wasn’t conceived as a side-dish, though it may act as such. What this means is that while the flavour of the other two was delicious, it was exceedingly simple; whereas the taste of this dhal will excite and ignite your palette, though not in a literal sense. Indeed, the combination of black onion seeds, which are surprisingly fragrant, and garam masala, a spice mix known for its dark perfume and body, make this an enticing prospect for even the more snobbish taste buds in existence.

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Thai Red Fish Curry

Fish is something only very rarely eaten in our house. One reason for this is because it tends to be relatively expensive. However, one must remember that there are always cheap ways of eating most things (see my advice section). For instance, if one is looking for a fillet of succulent white fish, why not use coley instead of cod? There is always a reasonably priced alternative to that which is most in vogue. Trout is much cheaper than salmon and one must never forget the varieties that most don’t like the look of, such as gurnard. Remember, in the world of fish, it doesn’t have to look good to taste good; use the misplaced shallowness of other’s to your advantage.

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Mint and Coriander Dip


As you might imagine, there aren’t many entirely incomprehensible acts that can take place in one’s own garden. However, the fact that some people grow their own herbs, fruit and vegetables and then fail to make any use of them succeeds superbly in making my mind boggle. Luckily, I am neither lazy nor feckless, though some may wish to contest the former, and try my hardest to make use of my own produce as often as is humanly possible. Happily, our mint seems to be rather enjoying our unseasonably wet weather, so this will be the first in a three-part series of simple, mint-based treats. Mint really is a gorgeous herb and one of my favourites, so I shall truly enjoy posting a trio of ideas based around it.

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Fragrant Chicken Biryani

Isn’t it odd that although life should always come before one’s blog, a strange pang of guilt manifests itself within one’s gut following every unannounced hiatus? To tell you the truth, I had found a good blogging-groove and was rather comfortable posting every other day. However, on Friday I jumped aboard a coach bound for Cardiff, in order to see my friend Tom. He played the part of host rather well and even cooked me a rather tasty prawn caldine, something which I hope to make frugal at a later date. The trip was just what I needed; an opportunity to get away from Aberystwyth and to do a little chilling. Since my eagerly awaited return I have found myself full of a kind of arrogant, yet not oppressive, verve and I intend fully to blog your socks off.

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Slow-Cooked Beef Curry

I’m both happy and desperately sad that this recipe is only just reaching my blog now – over a year since its beginning. It is by far my favourite curry; it is so simple, yet absolutely rammed full of richness and flavour. Indeed, the spice list for this particular concoction may be a little shorter than that of other curries, but the quality brought to the dish by the beef is unrivalled. Not only is beef a far more pleasing ingredient to cook with than chicken breast, the most overrated cut of meat there is, the fat found in braising beef has the happy effect of thickening and enriching the sauce. When served with my recently posted mango chutney this is one recipe not to be missed, assuming you’re not a vegetarian.