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Cardamom Cookies

Everyone here on my blog knows that plant-based protein cookies have always been the Achilles Heel of my cooking repertoire. For some reason I struggle to achieve the perfect consistency of cookie dough, which means that they become ever so slightly misshapen during the cooking process. However, there is one recipe which, in general, produces cookies of which even I can be proud. This being the case, I thought it best to follow the same basic recipe, only replacing the chocolate with just enough cardamom to impart a subtle, delicate flavour. Indeed, though cardamom is truly one of my favourite spices, there exists a fine line between perfection and complete and utter failure. Who can honestly say that they enjoy the unadulterated taste of a cardamom pod?

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American-Style Buttermilk Pancakes

This recipe is, I’m afraid, the last in the group of those photographed whilst I was away visiting Katherine a couple of weeks ago. While this wouldn’t usually be a problem, as many of you will know, the frugal household is without a properly functioning kitchen. However, the hob and oven are now in, as is the sink. So, it is possible that I’ll be able to cook something and photograph it in the coming days, thus bringing to a close this most turbulent period in my life, in which I’ve experienced withdrawal symptoms aplenty. Seriously, I’ve not been able to actually grip anything for the past two weeks; my palms have been simply too sweaty. The less said about my recurrent heart palpitations, the better.

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Pumpkin Pie

The amount of love shown for the humble pumpkin, by food bloggers, during the autumn months, is really rather impressive. My eyes have been opened completely to the sheer number of things one is able to do with a pumpkin. In fact, I’d quite happily suggest that, although I’ve played it fairly safe, there really is very little limit imposed upon one’s creative spirit when attempting to make the most of one’s vast orange fruit. Having said that, and in spite of my new found love for the pumpkin, I fear this shall be my final pumpkin based recipe of the year. The main reason for this is that fact that Frugal still doesn’t have a kitchen. By the time the kitchen has been installed Wales shall be firmly in the long, harsh grips of winter, perhaps we already are.