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Carrot and Grape Salad

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Easter is one of two times of the year at which it is permissible to ingest, and presumably digest, inordinate amounts of chocolate (the other being Christmas). My last two recipes, Chocolate Orange Mousse and Florentines, have more than facilitated that cocoa-based obligation, but now comes the slump. One cannot go on consuming vast quantities of chocolate ad infinitum, unless one actively intends to seek out ill-health. So, what better way to redeem the excesses of the past week than to indulge in a delicious, colourful and rather healthy salad?

Chocolate Desserts Recipes Vegetarian

Chocolate Orange Mousse

Chocolate Orange Mousse

You don’t need me to tell you this, but chocolate and orange make a damn fine couple – formed between them is an enticing middle ground equidistant from sweet, citrus and bitter. Together they possess something instantly mouth-watering – perhaps it’s the pervasive aroma of orange, combined with the knowledge of incoming cocoa. Whatever the reason, chocolate orange mousse is a fabulous dessert that oozes luxury and decadence from every air pocket, yet it contains a mere five ingredients – one of which is water.

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Dried Fruit Florentines

As their name suggests, Florentines are an Italian “biscuit” that originally hail from Florence, Tuscany. In their most basic form they are essentially a group of nut and cherries set in caramel and coated on one side with dark chocolate. However, as with most concepts, there are a million-and-one variations on the classic (check out Wuthering Bites’ sterling recipe). As you can see, these are a little less fancy than her’s – mine are strictly flower free – though they remain mightily delicious. Though I must admit that the infamous Katherine should take full credit for these biscuits – she made them!


Crumbs’ Frugal Interview

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Now, I don’t usually go in for this sort of thing on frugal feeding – it’s very much a realm of recipes and not much else. However, a little while ago a magazine based in the South West of England, Crumbs, asked if I would give them an interview. So I did. Crumbs is a fairly new food magazine that shares my love of local, ethical produce. It’s very well produced and if ever you chance across it, read it.

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Chicken and Leek Pasties

Chicken and Leek Pasty Recipe

Pasties are the classic British portable lunch – much like calzoni in Italy – the most famous variety of which is almost certainly the Cornish pasty. They are eaten all over the UK and sold in every bakery from Land’s End to John o’Groats – the two points farthest from one another on our great island (876 miles). Considered Cornwall’s “national” dish and geographically protected – much like champagne – the pasty is thought to have been taken up outside of England’s western most county following the emigration of Cornish miners in the late nineteenth century, along with Rugby Union. As good as this spread of British culinary tradition to the diaspora is for receiving countries, I can’t help but feel the South Pacific countries have become a little too good at rugby.