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Sweet Potato and Blue Cheese Filo Pie

If ever there were four ingredients that worked perfectly in tandem, then they are in this Sweet Potato and Blue Cheese Filo Pie. Added to the two headline ingredients, roasted red onion and sautéed mushrooms round out this simple pie. And if you’re quick, it might be ready within the hour.

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Sweet Potato and Mozzarella Calzone

A food of convenience, calzoni are the last word in edible portability. In essence a type of Italian street food, these “bread pasties” have become increasingly popular in the UK and beyond. It’s a rather intriguing – though welcome – development that both local and national pizzerias and Italian restaurants have begun offering calzoni alongside […]

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Sweet Potato and Chicken Salad

Salad dressing can sometimes be a little problematic, in that it has an irritating tendency to obey the laws of gravity and sink to the bowels of one’s salad bowl. Allowing a well-made dressing to miss out on even a moment’s culinary action is, in my book, indefensible. Happily, chicken and sweet potato act as […]

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Roasted Sweet Potato and Parsnip Soup

I am not a vegan by any stretch of even the most delusional lunatic’s imagination. It’s difficult to admit it to you guys, but I covet all things animal. However, it would be unfair to describe me as an ‘average meat eater’ – meat finds its sordid way onto my menu once, maybe twice, per […]

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Sweet Potato and Almond Curry

If you’re ever in Bristol there’s a local chain of authentic curry houses you simply must visit. The Thali Café has rather high praise and one of its current specials was my main source of inspiration for this Sweet Potato and Almond Curry recipe. Armed with the knowledge that the curry contained cream, ground almonds and cardamom […]