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Sweet Potato and Blue Cheese Filo Pie

If ever there were four ingredients that worked perfectly in tandem, then they are in this Sweet Potato and Blue Cheese Filo Pie. Added to the two headline ingredients, roasted red onion and sautéed mushrooms round out this simple pie. And if you’re quick, it might be ready within the hour.

Recipes Salad

Potato and Chorizo Salad

Though allowing delicious new potatoes to be swallowed whole by irresponsible amounts of mayonnaise is tantamount to spud-blasphemy, a heavier rendition is often desirable. We first had this Chorizo and Potato Salad during a recent trip to Spain. Full of protein, carbs and – most importantly – flavour this satisfying salad was just the ticket […]

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Radish, Watercress and Potato Salad

As the weather begins to warm up – there are far fewer frost days once April comes around – grocers and even – shudder – supermarkets across the country begin to stock all manner of wonderful seasonal ingredients. Two of my favourites? You guessed it. This recipe for Radish, Watercress and Potato Salad highlights the […]

Italian Recipes

Sweet Potato and Mozzarella Calzone

A food of convenience, calzoni are the last word in edible portability. In essence a type of Italian street food, these “bread pasties” have become increasingly popular in the UK and beyond. It’s a rather intriguing – though welcome – development that both local and national pizzerias and Italian restaurants have begun offering calzoni alongside […]

Recipes Soups

Roast Potato and Garlic Soup

Garlic is one of the world’s best loved ingredients, its use almost universal. Though best handled with care, the flavour garlic is able to bestow on a dish is truly inimitable. However, due to the volatile nature of unadulterated garlic it usually finds itself consigned to the backstage arena of a dish, sacrificing itself for […]