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A frugal Update

Has it been over two years? Well, no doubt you’ll want an explanation. Unfortunately, I haven’t much of one to offer – life has been busy, but hasn’t everyone’s? In truth, things – specifically cycling – get in the way, and old hobbies get relegated to the lock-up round the corner.

And yet, I haven’t simply stopped enjoying good, wholesome, frugal food. Even as I write, however, I feel slowed by the burden of proof resting upon my shoulders. So, here’s a recent snap…

Incidentally, those rather enticing sourdough pancakes aren’t of my own recipe. Oh no, if you’d like a go at the above, head over to the King Arthur Flour recipe – it’s delicious and a great use of that starter you were going to throw away. Highly recommended.

Happily, that diversion brings me right to a subject currently close to my heart; sourdough bread. I’ve been spending considerable hours recently, honing my technique and daily recipe for sourdough bread, and can’t wait to share it all with you very soon.

But what next? First things first, frugalfeeding is slowly going to get a revamp, which will likely include a new theme and updated logo. In amongst that you’ll get a few new recipes to turn your collective hand to, should you wish.

Finally, I’ve been meaning to start putting together some sort of book. Whether it happens, and in what form – who knows? But the intention to put pen to actual paper is there. If anyone knows any publishers…

For now, please stay tuned. I’ll be posting a brand new recipe very soon. Thank you to everyone who emailed/messaged me over the past couple of years – I’m very much here, healthy and itching to do a bit more cooking.

33 replies on “A frugal Update”

Pleased you’re back, have loved some of your recipes! Been experimenting with various no knead sourdoughs so look forward to seeing your sourdough recipe!

Yea!!!! You are back!! The original frugal feeder!, Great!!! Can’t wait to see yiur site and recipes again. So glad you are ok.

Me again …just to say thank you! I can access all my saved frugal recipes again. The first one I will make is the very delicious soft white bread rolls that I wanted to last week, and found I couldn’t cos the recipes just wouldn’t load. So great to have you back. You are the original Frugal Feeder!!

Good to see you again. Sourdough is not something I’ve ever tried to make, but inspired by a trip to Dublin, I’ve been making Irish Soda bread which is very quick and very yummy.

So glad your back and timely too lots of cooking due to current circumstances can you do some gluten free baking please.

I’ve been wondering what you were up to. Welcome back, I am looking forwards to getting the recipes again.

It’s good to see you back! I think you were one of the first blogs I followed when I started blogging back in 2011.

Looking forward to your sourdough recipe. I’ve never tried making sourdough, but just got a copy of Bread Matters by Andrew Whitley and it has lots of sourdough recipes.

Good to see you back. Watching your activity on Strava, I can understand better than most why the blog took a back seat. I look forward to seeing some posts. In the meantime get what fun you can from the turbo trainer. We are doing group rides on BeCool over Zoom. It’s a clusterfuck of poor tech, dropped connections and mixed technical understanding. Can’t wait for the lift in lockdown.

Good to see you back, I was a bit worried a few months ago when I couldn’t seem to access any of the recipes. On book, a friend of mine recently used Unbound to get her book published:

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