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Chocolate Orange Mousse

Chocolate Orange Mousse

You don’t need me to tell you this, but chocolate and orange make a damn fine couple – formed between them is an enticing middle ground equidistant from sweet, citrus and bitter. Together they possess something instantly mouth-watering – perhaps it’s the pervasive aroma of orange, combined with the knowledge of incoming cocoa. Whatever the reason, chocolate orange mousse is a fabulous dessert that oozes luxury and decadence from every air pocket, yet it contains a mere five ingredients – one of which is water.

Everyone has a go-to dessert, a signature dish that never fails to impress. For me, it has to be chocolate mousse – it’s almost impossibly light, extremely flavoursome and devilishly naughty. Of course, producing the same dish ad infinitum would get rather boring, but mousse has a rather fine ace up its proverbial (and perfectly tailored) sleeve – simple variation. It’s so easy to completely alter the flavour profile of this popular dessert that it never has to get old. Take my mocha mousse, for example – by replacing the water with coffee you instantly add a new dimension to the recipe, one that complements and improves as it goes. The same goes for the orange syrup in this recipe – delicious to the last spoonful.

Chocolate Orange Mousse

However, experimentation needn’t finish there – why not give these little pots of wonder an end-of-season twist and substitute the orange for blood orange (like I did). This would be great for those of you who would rather a slightly more bitter dessert, as opposed to the incredible sweetness of a perfectly ripe orange.

For those of you who are a little tentative about using raw eggs, don’t worry – you’ll not come to any harm. As long as you don’t rub your egg whites with egg shell (the area most likely to contain salmonella) and ensure they are in date, nothing particularly bad will befall you… except perhaps a slight belly. Oh and don’t try to add double cream, please.

Chocolate Orange Mousse

Makes 4-6


• 200g dark chocolate (60-70%)

• 2 oranges

• 4 eggs

• 80ml hot water

• 2 tbsp caster sugar


1. Separate your eggs into two bowls. Zest your oranges and add it to the hot water, along with one tbsp of sugar. Place the chocolate in a large mixing bowl.

Chocolate Orange Mousse

2. After 10 minutes sieve the water/orange mixture into the chocolate and add the juice of half an orange and reincorporate half the zest. Place the mixing bowl over a pan with a little simmering water until the chocolate is just melted, whisk in the egg yolks one at a time and set aside.

3. Beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks, add another tbsp of sugar and beat again until they form firmer peaks. Tip and fold this into the chocolate mixture, spoon into cups and place in the fridge for 3-4 hours to set. Enjoy within a day or so.

Chocolate Orange Mousse

Cost: This chocolate mousse recipe may be decadent, but because it doesn’t contain any of that dreaded double cream (it destroys a good mousse), it remains pleasantly cheap. Indeed, even if you use a fairly decent brand of chocolate these pots of wonder should set you back a mere £2.60 – lovely.

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Diary-free mousse! Love it! You didn’t specify what kind of chocolate… Do you recommend using bittersweet (60%+ cocoa)? I noticed you add very little sugar, so perhaps you’re using a less bitter chocolate. Thanks!

Ooh the photos are lovely. Again. The way you wrote about this made me want to eat this chocolate and orange combo. It’s actually one combination that I do not really like. Got to try it again.

Thanks for liking my review of Daisho and nice to meet you on blog sphere. I like your Blog because I like writing, food, doing interesting things, and England. Do drop by again!

This looks really really good, think I’ll try it with the coffee you suggest as an alternative. Believe it or not, I’m one of the few people on the planet who’s not keen on chocolate and orange. I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t gasp when I say that!

Not sure which I enjoy more–your writing or your lovely photos. No, wait–it’s imagining how good this mousse tastes with bloody orange 🙂 Well done.

I agree…yours is gorgeousness personified BUT in the name of culinary scientific experimentation…aren’t you a little curious about how water and chocolate could actually meld (rather than curdle) and turn into unctuous moussey heaven? I haven’t tried it yet but it’s vegan so I might 🙂

You do realise that my original chocolate mousse recipe is simply water, egg, chocolate and a little sugar?

The egg is the bit I was trying to remove. I guess its sort of ganache minus the dairy (or coconut cream that most vegans would sub). I think it is the shock that chocolate gets when it is subjected to being combined with water without something containing fat (in the case of your recipe, the egg…) acting as an emulsifier. I was just curious about the whole process :). Call me a curious little black duck 😉

Ah I see – if there’s no egg, then I doubt it’s a proper mousse. I’m looking for thousands of little bubbles of air which is given by the whisked egg white – nothing else can give that… unless he really is magical…

Why is it that whenever I swing by your site, I walk away wanting to cook your recipes right away !!! Love the photography 🙂
I’ve taken the big leap and gone self hosted, have you seen the new site? Would love some feedback plus I guess it’s safe to say I miss my clan !

Haha – thank you. I hope you do try something :D. I just checked it out – it looks great. The loading time is quite large though which will be damaging your google ranking. Try optimising your images (making their file size a little smaller – Photoshop works well). Also, if you miss the WordPress lot you can install the jetpack plug in and ask .com to transfer your followers over!

I think I shall. Tossing up between the hot chocolate and savoury pancakes for this weekend or both maybe? Thanks so much for having a look at the site and your insights. I will look into the image load issue, another friend pointed that out too and my site is very image heavy so I do understand. I have installed jetpack and transferred followers over but noone seems to be stopping by anymore 🙁 Odd hey? Thanks again for all the advice.

Help! I have attempted this reciepe three times. The first attempt saw my chocolate go into a thick mass upon melting so I google this problem and the responds was to never add liquid to chocolate!! My second attempt went the same was as I used a wooden spoon first time so I used a dry metal the second….same result!! My third attempt I adapted the recipe by not including the orange but adding finely chopped orange zest to the egg whites. Chocolate melted beautifully but upon adding the egg yolks it once again went hard, what am I doing wrong, I have a very disappointed 9 year old Please advice

Are you adding the water before melting and then melting gently? I assure you this recipe does work and I’ve made it many times without issue. Are you melting the chocolate over a bain marie?

When you add the orange/water through the sieve, is it the left over zest part or is it the infused water part???

This is now my go-to dessert. Absolutely love it. And I always get loads of compliments, even from friends who claim to not like chocolate mousse (how can you not?????!!!!) Thank you!

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