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Now, I don’t usually go in for this sort of thing on frugal feeding – it’s very much a realm of recipes and not much else. However, a little while ago a magazine based in the South West of England, Crumbs, asked if I would give them an interview. So I did. Crumbs is a fairly new food magazine that shares my love of local, ethical produce. It’s very well produced and if ever you chance across it, read it.

So, if you’re interested in finding out a little more about me, my blog and what I consider to be the work of the Devil, go ahead and read my interview. I’m sorry that this isn’t a recipe – there shall be one hobbling along tomorrow and what an Easter treat it will be!


The recipes displayed alongside the interview are as follows: 1. Almond Biscotti 2. Poached Egg onΒ SpinachΒ 3. Pure Cocoa Hot ChocolateΒ 4. Chocolate and Hazelnut FlapjacksΒ 5. Blood Orange and Couscous Salad

34 replies on “Crumbs’ Frugal Interview”

I wonder if your interview could lead to greater things. We could be seeing you on TV next! Such a great blog, both the delicious recipes and the great photography.

Et Tu Brute?!!! Now if you had said “okra” or perhaps “tripe” or even “Grasshoppers” I might have understood but miso?!! Oh well…I guess it IS an acquired taste ;). Love the interview and you might just become your local rag’s foodie writer?

Oh, so sorry this isn’t a recipe. Just HAD to post a bit about how famous and awesome I am. I do apologize. You sure you aren’t secretly Canadian? πŸ™‚ Great interview. Glad to see you getting some recognition!

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