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Carrot and Orange Soup

Carrot and Orange Soup

Carrot and orange soup may sound like an questionable prospect, at least on the surface, but when one considers how delicious juice of the same combination can be, supper immediately becomes that little bit more appealing. The world of food tends to have relatively stringent rules governing what is sweet and savoury and, as such, they merge infrequently. Most people aren’t particularly adventurous in their choice of sustenance, but there’s no reason to experiment and explore new combinations – an issue touched upon in my recipe for chocolate and hazelnut flapjacks. Granted, carrot and orange soup is far from brand-spanking, but it does generate intrigue and make people think for a second longer – perhaps it shouldn’t?

Carrot and Orange Soup

Whatever your thoughts on the flavour combination, there’s no denying that this dish, like almost every carrot-based soup out there, is visually striking. Though unsurprising, the vivid orange colour produced by this gaudy root vegetable always seems to engender a little shock and perhaps a modicum of awe. Of course, colour is an important characteristic to possess, especially in the world of soup where life would seem awfully bland and insipid without it. Strangely enough, a certain proclivity toward recipes that instigate the creation of toothsome bowls of carroty delight seems to have been developed in this small corner of the internet – just you check out my sweet potato and parsnip soup!

Carrot and Orange Soup

A good soup has a number of desirable qualities; frugality, complexity and a certain respect for healthy eating. This is perhaps why they tend to come across as so comforting, a hug in a bowl if you will. One is unlikely to experience a dearth of vitamin C when eating this, though a heightened sensitivity to light may be experienced due to the presence of carrots*. In any case, whatever draws you to soup carrot and orange is certainly a combination worth exploring.

*This is on old wives’ tale – carrots don’t really enhance your night time vision.

Carrot and Orange Soup {recipe}

Serves 4


• 4 large carrots, diced

• 1 onion, diced

• 1 stick of celery, diced

• 1 small handful of red lentils

• 1 litre vegetable stock

• 2 oranges

• 1 tbsp honey

• Olive oil

• Salt

• Pepper


1. Fry off the onion and celery in a dash of olive oil, cook until translucent. Tip in the carrots and allow them to heat through. Add the zest of both oranges followed by vegetable stock and lentils. Boil until the carrot and lentils are soft through.

Carrot and Orange Soup

2. Blend the soup using either a stick blender or food processor. Add the juice of both oranges, honey and season to taste. Serve piping hot with a slab of bread.

Carrot and Orange Soup

Cost: Soup is not only the product of a desire to eat healthily; it is also the first child of frugality. Most soups are vegetable based and are therefore unremittingly cheap. Indeed, this soup will cost you no more than around £1.60 to make – soups away!

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I love carrot and orange soup. But I have to disagree with your comment about carrots and eyesight. Like other red and orange vegetables, carrots contain pro-vitamin A, which is critical to vision.

Actually, I have to disagree again. Vitamin A is vital in making a specific pigment (rhodopsin) that is used by rod cells in the retina, which are highly responsive to small amounts of light and not sensitive at all to colour. These rod cells form our night vision and peripheral vision (as they are concentrated away from the ‘centre’ of our vision). One of the first signs of Vitamin A deficiency is night blindness. So therefore, carrots do support night vision, and the old wives tale is correct!
Source = My medical training =)

I’ve cooked carrots with orange juice but never thought to put the combination into a soup. Delicious! Carrots (and other orange/yellow veg) contain very high amounts of beta-carotene so are actually good for eyes and vision – but I think you’d probably have to eat rather a lot of them to make a difference!

I am starting to see a pattern with blown up stoves…another blogger that I follow has just had to replace here stove as well…a new year…a new stove perchance? I was given an enormous bag full of carrots the other day. My friend couldn’t eat them all and pulled them up and dumped them into a garbage bag for me to take home. They were curiously devoid of orange and were pasty little things and I was just about to give them to my daughters (misery loves company 😉 ) when I decided to throw a few into last nights meal and discovered that they tasted AMAZING! My daughters are not going to get them now and I am SO going to use them for this scrumptious soup tonight. It’s shopping day and Steve is off to town and I just added a 3kg bag of Oranges to his list…this soup is perfect for any time of year and here in Tasmania the mornings and evenings are starting to get that hint of chill again as a reminder that we are edging slowly into autumn. This soup is going to make me smile tonight 🙂 Cheers for the recipe.

Not a new oven, but a replacement sheet of glass I expect… That’s a lot of carrot and orange… how much do you like soup?! Carrots can be loads of different colours, remember… even white and purple 😀

These were an insipid washed out yellow and my friend had told me that she wasn’t impressed with their colour (so methinks that they “should” have been orange) BUT the flavour was magnificent! I am sharing them between your carrot soup version and Chicca’s carrot soup version and am going to do a soup-down 😉

Great post and great sounding soup. I surprised myself by liking sweet soups. I make a lot with butternut squash, sweet potato and parsnip, including a really good parsnip and apple one. I look forward to trying this orange and carrot one and your sweet potato and parsnip.

Thanks for broadening my addiction! Good thing I have organic carrots in the crisper and Mum and I just purchased 20 lbs each of oranges and pink grapefruit, direct from Texas, USA on our fruit dealer’s brother’s truck!

Another soup to add to my repertoire . . . and I do love that ‘hug in a bowl’! So true! Hot soup, cold soup, veg soup, fruit soup, clear soup, chunky soup, cream soup . . . mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I can’t believe this, we must have the same inspirational door open or something! Chica Andaluza’s at it too. I love the idea of adding lentils to it, next time definitely. If I am ever in The South West I will have to find out where you like to eat, we have the same taste in food, apart from the meat obvs! 😉

You know that I really (really) will be making this one. Copying it out now. I just bought a giant bag of organic carrots….. I also have a fair amount of parsnips for the other recipe 🙂 p.s. I once worked for a legally blind man (seriously) he probably had about 5% of his vision and could mainly see outlines, but not color. He started drinking freshly pressed carrot juice several times a day. After a few months he asked me if I had changed my hair color. Indeed I had gone from brunette pixie cut to blonde pixie cut…. Not sure if the sight thing is an old wives tale.

Just made this for my dinner, absolutely fabulous! Quick, tasty and gluten free, great dish for the summer but I reckon with some herbs in it’d make a fantastic autumn/winter dish too

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