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Dundee Cake {2nd Blogiversary}

Dundee Cake Recipe

Dundee Cake is a light fruit cake, first made by the Scottish marmalade company, Keiller’s, in the nineteenth century. It is the perfect bake for those who yearn for a treat somewhere between a Christmas cake and a sponge – not too rich, but not overly light and airy. As with most of my creations, this recipe stays true to tradition and is decorated with concentric circles of blanched almonds (laboriously peeled by my fair hands) – simple yet effective. Indeed, it seems the ideal bake with which to celebrate two years of FrugalFeeding, Katherine’s birthday and our anniversary, all of which happen to fall in the same week – let the celebrations commence!

As you’ll see below, the cooking time for a Dundee cake is far above that of a normal sponge. While the fact it takes two hours to cook does highlight a somewhat blatant drawback, it also makes for a rather delicious positive – every cloud and all that. Indeed, with added time comes extra thick crust and that, for me, is what elevates the Dundee cake above all other fruit cakes. The firm, almost crispy, outer layer of burnished sponge intermittently punctuated by caramelised currants and sultanas gives way to a sweet, dense sponge which always proves exceedingly satisfying.

Dundee Cake Recipe

So, here we are; two years later, with a modicum of popularity and a great bunch of followers! I hope you’ve been enjoying my recipes, because I’ve certainly enjoyed bringing all 280+ to you. Please, if you haven’t had a chance to look at some of FrugalFeeding’s back catalogue a perusal of the recipe index is simply a must. I hope I’ve made an impact on all of you in some way; perhaps you’ve started thinking about what you spend on food, or developed a firmer understanding of seasonality and eating locally. Whatever the lessons or information gleaned from your experience of my blog please continue to visit and share my recipes with friends and family. Here’s to another ten years!

p.s. if you’re at all interested in last year’s cake – Seville Marmalade Cake

Dundee Cake {recipe}

Makes one 8 inch cake


• 150g butter

• 150g caster sugar

• 3 eggs

• 225g plain flour

• 1 tsp baking powder

• 1 tbsp whole milk

• 125g currants

• 125g sultanas

• 50g mixed peel

• 100g almonds, blanched

• 1 orange, zest of

• 1 lemon, zest of


1. Grease and line an 8-inch cake tin. Cream together the butter and the sugar. Whisk the eggs in a bowl and incorporate little by little with a hand whisk. Sift in the flour and baking powder and fold gently until uniform.

2. Roughly chop 60g of the almonds and pop them, along with the fruit and zest into the cake batter. Fold, adding milk if it’s a little stiff – it wants a good dropping consistency. Pour the batter into the prepared cake tin, flatten and arrange the almonds on the top in concentric circles.

Dundee Cake Recipe

3.  Bake at 150C for 2-2.5 hours, until browned and firm and springy to the touch. Leave to cool before turning out and enjoying immensely.


Dundee Cake Recipe

Cost: The thing I like about fruit cakes, particularly the lighter variety, is that they’re exceptionally frugal – there’s no spectacular icing involved, just good rustic decoration. Almonds can be expensive, but it is possible to find them at a reasonable price – the amount used here set me back a mere 60p! All in all, this delicious Scottish traditional will set you back no more than around £4.20 – a very good deal as far as I’m concerned!

128 replies on “Dundee Cake {2nd Blogiversary}”

I love the looks of this cake, Frugal!

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and consider it one of my favorites. Here’s to many more years of sharing, cooking, and eating wonderful food.


That’s very cheap to make a
Dundee cake! Well done on your milestones and celebrations. I’m already sold on seasonality and local sourcing, but picking up some great (and frugal) recipes from you to slot into my repertoire, so thank you, keep up the exemplary work!

Happy blog birthday, Frugal! Yours is a great blog. I always make Dundee Cake rather than traditional Xmas cake. I used to make them to take to my son and daughter when I visited them at uni. There’s ongoing sibling rivalry about who got the most Dundee cakes!!

Have you tried baking it with 50% wholemeal flour and muscavado sugar? I think I’ll give it a go like that (I tend to use wholemeal flour & muscavado sugar a lot). I’ll let you know how I get on!

Thanks for the recipe,

Plenty of reasons to celebrate. It’s been fun to watch your blog grow and to see you gain so many followers. All well deserved. I have to say I’m proud of you my friend! I’ve never been a fan of fruit cake, but this is clearly a good one. I’m loving how crusty and dark the edges got. Congrats Nick!

Congratulations! I’ve loved following for the past few months and look forward to doing so for many more to come. And that cake looks absolutely delicious, no doubt in large part to the labored-over almonds. 🙂

Happy Anniversaries! Really fun seeing traditional desserts from your part of the world Nick. Not a fan of “fruit cake” per se, but I do like the sounds (& pretty looks) of this one! A big congratulations on a really top notch blog! Glad to be in your company! 🙂

Congratulations on all your anniversaries. Please excuse my Americanness, but what is mixed peel? I have heard this cake mentioned in some of my favorite British books (wait, all my favorite books are British) and would love to make it.

Happy bloggerversary Frugal! Cake looks delish, as always. And yes, I think in the past two years you have made me think a bit more about what I spend on dinners, so mission accomplished. Even though to date I’ve only ever made your desserts (it’s a problem, I’ll admit it). Enjoy all your celebrations this week.

Happy 2nd birthday and what a frugal fellow you are! Frugal by name, frugal by nature and clever…pack all of the big events together in one week and party for a solid week and not have to replicate it all again for another year! Well done on 2 years of blogging and on the sterling effort to share delicious recipes with us all…Happy birthday to the lovely Katherine and Happy aniversary to you both :). Have a fantastic week of celebrating 🙂

I have come to rely on your recipes…its insidious how I am starting to recommend your recipes to friends! All without the inclusion of cocaine (like original Coke!) to get us hooked…what is your secret! My guess is that we are all lusting after our mum’s cooking and your recipes hit the spot. You are becoming Nigel Slater 2 🙂

Ooooo that looks great. Afraid I can’t have a go at this one as the cooking time is too long for The Beast (and I don’t want to spend £90 on a special Aga cake baker thingy!). Fruit cakes are the only things we can’t do. So I shall feast on your gorgeous photos instead. Happy Celebrations!!

I don’t like fruit cake in the slightest, however yours does look very beautiful! You may have convinced me, haha. Congrats on your blog. I’ve been following a short time, it’s exciting to see blogs grow and be a part of this community. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

A belated happy blog birthday. I like Dundee cake too. Interesting that you selected a cake linked to a marmalade company this year and a marmalade cake last year! A Paddington inspired bake in year three perhaps?

Congrats on the blogiversary! I love reading your blog as, and this might sound weird, it reads the way I would imagine my brother’s blog to read if he had one! You seem to share the same palate.

Had never heard of Dundee Cake until I saw your post but quite like the idea of toasting a slice of this and spreading some salted butter on top to go with a nice cup of tea!

Happy Blogiversary, Nick, Happy Birthday, Katherine, & Happy Anniversary to you two! Your Dundee Cake seems capable of withstanding three celebrations in one — I enjoy cake with some “tooth” to it, too. Here’s to many more years and silver linings…

Congratulations! Happy blogiversary, and anniversary, etc. – what a wonderful cake to celebrate with! I don’t think I’ve had anything like it, but it looks and sounds divine. 🙂

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