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Tiramisu is one of my very favourite desserts – every mouthful of this creamy and ever-so-slightly naughty Italian dessert demands yet another. Nothing is left wanting if one’s tiramisu is made according to a good recipe – the coffee and rum soaked sponge fingers give it a feisty flavour and subtle texture, whilst the cream cheese, mascarpone and double cream provide copious richness. In fact, scratch my initial proposition – this is my number one dessert, not even this or any other cheesecake can touch it.

For all the perfection that is to be found in this tiramisu recipe, there is one pitfall to avoid which pertains to the soaking of the sponge fingers. One must be careful to merely show them to the coffee, an in and out encounter, for as soon as they remain too long in the liquid they are likely to become unbearably soggy. Shop bought tiramisu possess this somewhat fatal trait and, believe me, it is to be avoided rather like one might attempt to avoid the plague.


Don’t worry too much about which dish to use for your tiramisu – the creamy layer can be as thick as you like, but aim for around 1.5-2 inches. However, if you intend to use a particularly deep vessel that isn’t very wide it may be advisable to do two layers of sponge fingers and two layers of cream. Following this advice will enable you to avoid creating an overly rich and creamy dessert. It’s your call – you’ll enjoy the recipe either way.


Serves 8-12


• 250g mascarpone cheese

• 100g cream cheese

• 200ml double cream

• 50ml dark rum

• 2 heaped tbsp icing sugar

• 200ml strong instant coffee

• 20 sponge fingers

• 40g dark or plain chocolate


1. Whisk together the mascarpone cheese, cream cheese, double cream, rum and sugar until it is completely smooth and uniform.


2. Make up your coffee using two heaped teaspoons of coffee granules. Dip each sponge finger in the coffee for no more than 1-2 seconds – layer these on the base of your chosen tiramisu vessel and grate over half of the chocolate.


3. Layer the creamy mixture on top of the sponge fingers and press down until flat and level. Grate over the remaining chocolate and pop in the fridge for an hour, this will allow it to firm up and make it easier to serve.


Cost: If one invests in a large bottle of dark rum, an ingredient which can used in many different ways, this tiramisu recipe can be made for an extremely reasonable price. Indeed, assuming that you have made such an investment this entire casserole dish of tiramisu should set you back no more than £3.50 – very frugal if one considers how many it will feed!

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Jayze that looks stupidly nice. I love your blog but you always make me feel like a rank amateur when I read your posts!

Despite my post xmas diet having technically started I reckon I am gonna have to make this sooner rather than later!

Oh man, there goes my post-Christmas diet… Here in the US we don’t have anything called double cream. Do you know, is it the same as heavy cream or whipping cream? Can’t wait to try this recipe!

Funny how my daughter was telling me we have some double cream at home and that I should make a tiramisu which I have never made any before. I told her I do not have a recipe (was thinking of searching online later) and then you posted this number 1 dessert of yours! Thank you 🙂 They look super delicious here.

Before I went vegan, Tiramisu used to be one of my favourite desserts.. Yours looks just as tempting as I remember it! 🙂
I’ll definitely have to find a way to veganize it.

I really like your blog!
May I ask an additional question about your photography: Where do you snap your photographs? Wherever I go, everywhere in this house seems to be something annoying in the background 😀 Do you use a certain screen or anything to prevent too much beackground stuff?
Thanks in advance!

This looks extremely delicious. I was just thinking about how much I wanted tiramisu at breakfast time this morning.

Thank you , thank you , thank you! Most people take shortcuts with this! Your recipe is beautiful and authentic, made like one corner of my Italian family makes it;(the others don’t even try). I am so ill when I see people use bad shortcuts.I have seriously heard of people using Twinkies or Little Debbies ,instant vanilla pudding a Cool Whip!(urg)
Bless you! Happy New Year!

Oh my goodness. You’ve just made my most favorite dessert, EVER. I haven’t made it since I went vegan, but I did have it at a local vegan restaurant a few months back. Their’s was good, but not a hint of coffee flavor. Boo. Time to get to the drawing board, eh? p.s. I got a jar of marmite for Christmas from a confused friend, but I think I like it even better than vegemite. Who knew? 🙂

I just want to shove my face into that cream in the second photo. Tiramisu is my very favorite indulgence period. Ever. Cheesecake is my 2nd. I haven’t had it in at least 2 years and miss it terribly. I started working on a vegan recipe during the holidays, but it’s not quite there yet….Want to get the cake ladyfingers just right. I’m very particular with high standards to tiramisu since it is only the best dessert EVER and I’ve never liked any recipe but one in my whole life. Mascarpone is just unmatched. Yours looks very good!

Blimy you are getting popular! Must be that new camera…it is taking AGES to scroll down just to leave a comment ;). My daughters made tiramisu using Gordon Ramsey’s recipe and I was decidedly underwhelmed. I prefer my coffee in a mug and my sponge fingers dipped into it…I think I will pass on the tiramisu but my sister will roll over and play dead or beg for it if you like 😉 Happy New Year and well done on the masses of people following the blog, most deserved 🙂

Oh, yum. The all time favourite. Had sticky toffee pudding for new years on this end, with a naughty dash of ice cream on the side. Amen.

I made a tirimusu for Christmas day as my German hubby don’t like Christmas pud (I know! I mean what’s not to like?) Anyhow my version was slightly different – from Irish Chef Darina Allen. No cream or cream cheese- just mascarpone and a separated egg instead plus lots of frantic whisking. Made the day before for maximum alcohol soakage. Absolutely delicious, as yours was I’m sure. Happy New Year!

This really looks delicious and easy to make but I have very limited resources. I’m hoping you could share us something elegant and delicious with very simple ingredients. I’d like to learn something that I can make for a gift or something.

Looks delicious! I have always used the Tiramisu recipe from the Silver Spoon cookbook but it doesn’t call for any alcohol which I always thought was funny. I’ll have to try your recipe next time!

I think we made tiramisu at the same time last week! Mine was pretty pricey though! I made a huge one (2 layers, 9x13in pan). Instead of rum, I use hazelnut liqueur, tasty as well. To save money, I bought one of those tiny sample bottles, but the whole thing still set me back about US$25.

Love your recipe! I made my own version with peaches and ricotta if you would like to check it out!

thankyou x

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