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Chilli and Nutmeg Dark Chocolate Bark

chilli dark chocolate bark

When one really takes time to delve into all things festive it quickly becomes clear that it is unlikely that there will ever be an end to Christmastime culinary possibility. In fact, it turns out that it’s dreadfully difficult to keep one’s blog up-to-date with all that is being produced. The weather is the entity most at fault here, but what can one do? It’s difficult to castigate the weather – it makes a mockery of us all.

Following on from my recent monologue regarding presents and the meaning of Christmas, a little gifting advice may be necessary. For those of you that weren’t aware, chocolate is always a safe bet – is there anyone who doesn’t covet one form of chocolate or another? It is in this spirit that I bring you my recipe for chilli and nutmeg dark chocolate bark; it is both frugal and spectacularly delicious. Perhaps this is one case in which the old adage ‘his bark is worse than his bite’ isn’t entirely watertight. Someone get me a muzzle.

Be warned, gift this bark to a child and/or teenager and you’re likely to meet with tears, violence or, at the very least, a sneer. However, adults are likely to thoroughly enjoy every facet of the sophisticated flavours on offer in this frugal bark recipe. Each bite provides sensation after sensation, with the fiery chilli hitting your tongue at first, backed up by mouth-watering nutmeg and, finally, a slight saltiness which always manages to complement dark chocolate.

chilli flakes, nutmeg and salt

Now that I’ve done literary justice to this recipe for dark chocolate bark I’d like to draw your attention to my new recipe index which went live a couple of days ago. Rather a lot of you had requested such a thing, so I hope it’s much appreciated – Katherine spent a long time organising my 265 recipes into different categories! Click through to the recipe index and you’ll find a set of categories which link to a list of relevant recipes lower down on the same page, this seemed like the most helpful way in which to structure such a thing. If you have any queries or issues with the index feel free to e-mail me at or message me via twitter or facebook!

recipe dark chocolate bark

Chilli and Nutmeg Dark Chocolate Bark

Makes enough for 2-4 gifts


• 300g dark chocolate, 70-80% cacao

• 1 tsp chilli flakes

• ¼ tsp freshly grated nutmeg

• A generous pinch of coarse or flaked sea salt


1. Place a large mixing bowl over a pan of simmering water. Melt ¾ of the chocolate in the bowl and remove from the heat, throw in the remaining chocolate in small chunks and allow to melt.

Dark chocolate

2. Pop the chocolate back on the gentle heat and bring to a pouring consistency. Pour the chocolate onto a lined baking tray and spread until roughly 0.5cm thick. Mix together the chilli, nutmeg and salt and sprinkle evenly across the surface of the chocolate. Allow to cool completely, break into shards of roughly equal size and gift to the adults of your choice.

molten dark chocolate bark

recipe dark chocolate bark

Cost: Since this chocolate is essentially being used simply as chocolate and nothing more complicated it’s important to get a slightly more expensive, darker variety. This may not sound like advice pertaining to frugality, but if it is not followed it may result in waste and nothing is less frugal than waste! As such, the entire bark should set any want-to-be chocolatier back a mere £3, which is a darn sight cheaper than anything of comparable quality in the shops.

145 replies on “Chilli and Nutmeg Dark Chocolate Bark”

Whoa, dude! Salty, sweet and spicy! You hit the flavor trifecta. These would make amazing Christmas presents … even if that present is just for me. 🙂

Another recipe that can be completely veganised…I think that this looks as pretty as it would taste delicious. Cheers for sharing this recipe and I might have to make it to go with my Christmas vegan icecream fix 🙂

OOooh I love chilli chocolate but actually hate spicy things. I’m not sure I would like your recipe as there are just too many chunky chilli bits rather than an overall “infused” type of chilli flavour. I have long been a fan of combining salt with chocolate, and have salted my chocolate muffins and cakes as long as I can remember… (poured salt onto the finished product rather than just adding salt to the raw batter prior to baking)… 🙂 You recipe,as always, looks amazing! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Thanks for putting up the recipe index – I look forward to browsing this and picking up a few ideas! And the bark looks fantastic – chocolate and chili is a total winner for me and I am intrigued by the nutmeg!

hey there, thanks for liking my recent post on cheese ;). This by the way is art – truly exquisite – I don’t think I’d ever make it, or eat it – its just so pretty! Well done and I love the photography work – really makes me think, hmmm maybe I would eat it!

Hey man, great stuff, even if you want to lean out. Especially when you’re using unsweetened choco. You can eat as much of this treat as you’d like… as long as it fits your caloric goals…

Chocolate and heat are two of my favorite gifts, in light of our recent snow in the South. 🙂 Thanks for your recipe index, too — a labour of love. Much appreciated!

This looks divine. Making it for moi only …..not for gifts! Oh wait, VDay is coming isn’t it?
While I was looking through your frugal tips, I thought that #10 is really the one that sets me back every week. We spend far too much on sweet things here and there. The chocolately things in the markets now are just so much more tempting than they used to be.

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