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Red Onion Chutney

Red Onion Chutney

Let’s face it, Christmas isn’t a time for giving and it certainly isn’t a time for sharing, it’s the time of the year at which everyone attempts to work out what each of their friends and family would like to receive. Therein lies my problem – it’s exceedingly difficult to buy gifts for people of whom you don’t have an in-depth understanding. As you’ll all probably know, there’s nothing more disappointing than receiving an inadequate gift, particularly when you’ve put so much time and effort into the reciprocation. As such, it seems to me that the best approach is simply not to chance it – instead, make gifts that you know your loved ones will enjoy. Besides, gifting something unwanted is tantamount to waste and as we all know… waste is exceedingly un-frugal.

Red Onion Chutney

Perhaps I’m what’s best described as a Christmas sceptic, a scrooge; someone who finds it impossible to understand the true meaning of the festive season. However, I suspect that there may be more Christmas sceptics out there than anybody lets on. After all, no one likes to openly admit to being even a little selfish. Still, with gifts like this red onion chutney perhaps my sin and punishment isn’t as large as first presumed. Perhaps a little cognisant selfishness has the power to help everyone receive a gift they actually want, or at least one they’ll use and enjoy. Once people realise that everyone’s just as selfish as everyone else, they’ll start buying gifts in order to encourage healthy reciprocity.

Red Onion Chutney

If you’re in search of a little culinary warmth, you’ve come to exactly the right place. Not only is this chutney pleasingly comforting, it packs a healthy dose of spice to get those sinuses flowing freely once more… how beastly. As you can imagine, this festive chutney has rather a lot of flavour – it contains eight red onions after all! But it isn’t too powerful and pairs rather nicely with a little mature cheddar, or perhaps something even a little stronger! Perfect for the cheese course of your Christmas Day meal! Merry Christmas!

Red Onion Chutney Recipe

P.S. There’s a new frugal tip in my tips section!

Red Onion Chutney

Makes 2 jars


• 8 red onions, finely sliced

• 2 chillies, finely slices

• 150ml balsamic vinegar

• 150ml white wine vinegar

• 200g light brown sugar

• A little salt and pepper

• Olive oil


1. Heat a little oil in a large pan and fry the onions and chillies until lightly browned. This should take approximately 20 minutes.

cooked red onions

2. Tip in the vinegars and sugar, season tentatively and cook over a medium heat for 30 minutes. Once thick enough to adequately coat the back of a spoon remove from the heat.

Balsamic and white wine vinegar

3. Sterilise your jars and tip in the chutney, sealing immediately. Leave for at least two weeks to mature, a month is best (though you’ll miss Christmas!)

Red Onion Chutney

Cost: By following this delightful festive recipe you’re likely to produce two jars of chutney for a mere £3. How very frugal, particularly when you realise that buying one jar of good quality chutney can sometimes cost as much as £5!

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Wonderful idea and recipe! I myself prefer homemade gifts, which is what I give also. Christmas has turned into a holiday for stores instead of consumers. People overspend and get into debt. I love spending my time in the kitchen making personal food gifts that I deliver with much love. Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a blessed New Year!

Your recipes look awesome. I love that you are just using straightforward food…the types of things we can get here in China. I hate reading a recipe, getting hungry for it, and then realizing…oh, yeah, I can’t get at least half of these ingredients. I cook with the basics, fresh seasonal veggies, homegrown herbs, nuts, olive oil, etc. It has to be available, and not at ridiculous import prices!

Hmmmm chutney is lovely. I’m storing this recipe away to make after we’ve moved. We just finished the last of my onion chutney this week.
Have you tried tossing bangers or meatballs in chutney for their last 5 minutes of oven cooking? It makes for a sensational, sticky change. Your chutney will work perfectly.

I have a weakness for anything that involves slowly cooked onion. This will be my present to myself (a reward for cooking Christmas dinner for my husband’s extended family, perhaps)! Thanks for the recipe.

[…] Not only are biscuits rather light on one’s stomach, they are also one of the more frugal bakes one can embark upon. Of course, this is largely due to the dearth of expensive superlatives, such as chocolate, that are often added to cookies or cake. Instead, biscuits are often left plain or flavoured with spices or citrus fruits – as is the case in this recipe. Indeed, if the spiciness of these biscuits doesn’t appeal to you, by all means leave them plain – they will still be thoroughly delicious. Though, of course, such a thing wouldn’t be entirely in the spirit of Christmas! […]

Wow! This looks ridiculously delicious! Anything with onions and I am so hooked. Especially the red ones. Any thoughts on how to reduce the brown sugar a little? I was wondering about some maple syrup. What do you think? Do you think it needs the brown sugar for the right consistency?

thank you so much goingg to do a smaller batch and i am going to give my dad a jar of this as well a lofe of my herb , tomato and cheese bread for his birthday on new years eve he is a man who loves his food

I made this shortly after you posted in December. I brought a jar here and there to a party, and people went nuts over it! Now that fall’s is coming, I have so many people asking me to make it!!! Thank you for the post! Making it tonight!

I agree, handmade edible gifts are the way forward. I’ve made food gifts for the past few years and it’s so much cheaper and easier because everyone gets the same thing!

The chutney looks great but please could you be more specific about the weight (or at least size) of red onions used? Mine vary in size from very small to large so 8 can vary considerably! Also, you say the ingredients make two jars of chutney – what size are these? Many thanks, Sally.

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