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Creamy Raspberry Ice Cream

As you might have heard, the weather in Britain has brightened up in rather balmy fashion. I’m sure that in the last week we have experienced our hottest weather of the year, though that isn’t saying very much at all. Such delightful weather declared unequivocally that I must make my first ever attempt at homemade ice cream. So, after procuring a relatively aged ice cream maker (one that works surprisingly well), I set about simultaneously using up our left over raspberries and cooling myself down.

In truth, the ice cream the rickety old machine produced was rather impressive; it was both creamy and very flavoursome. Though, if one wants a little more kick to the raspberry flavouring it may be a good idea to add another 100g of fruit to the mix. Indeed, my aim was to achieve a fairly subtle raspberry flavour and using 300g of fruit accomplishes this just perfectly. The varied world of ice cream making is beckoning and this potential ‘Glacier’ (a chef who prepares frozen desserts) will find it ever so hard to resist its siren song.

Clearly, this recipe would also work for most berries, since all that really changes is their colour and flavour – not their texture. Having said that, strawberries tend to contain a little more water, which means that they may need to be experimented with. Another idea for variation within this recipe is making the classic raspberry ripple ice cream – one may be able to produce such an effect by adding the juiced fruit half way through the machine’s cycle.

As you can see, this recipe falls within the realms of those that are unhealthy. Indeed, the amount of double cream required may put a number of you off. However, it is true that everything is fine if consumed in moderation. Still, my next ice cream recipe will cater for the health-conscious among you; perhaps a lemon sorbet may prove a frightfully good idea.

Creamy Raspberry Ice Cream

Makes roughly 600ml


• 150ml whole milk

• 90g sugar

• 1 tsp vanilla extract

• 300ml double cream

• 3 egg yolks

• 300g raspberries


1. Heat together the sugar, milk and vanilla extract in a saucepan until all has dissolved. Set aside. Whisk the eggs and add a little of the milk mixture to them. Stir before adding once more to the saucepan and the rest of the milk. Cook gently to make a thin custard; it should coat the back of a metal spoon. Suspend the double cream in a bowl over an ice bath and whisk in the custard. Refrigerate overnight or until ice cold.

2. To make the raspberry juice, or coulis, simply blend them in a food processor and then pass them through a sieve – retrieve as much juice as possible. Add this to the chilled custard.

3. Prepare and follow the instructions accompanying your ice cream machine – it should take around 30 minutes to freeze. It will keep for 2-3 weeks.

Cost: Good quality ice cream has, in recent years, become somewhat costly – tubs containing this quantity of ice cream can sell for as much as £5-6. Happily, this means that being economical in making a decent ice cream is rather simple. You see, though this recipe isn’t particularly careful, one could still feasibly make it for roughly £3.30 – nearly half the price.

87 replies on “Creamy Raspberry Ice Cream”

Beautiful, and raspberries are a wonderful flavor choice! To make this suit my way of eating, I would just replace the sugar with a sweetener like erythritol, but the cream is fine in a low-carb, grain-free diet. Well-done, especially for your first go at making an ice cream!!

I had to give my ice cream maker to my mother because, like you say, it becomes a siren song and I’m slightly rubbish with moderation! I don’t know about you but whenever I get a new gadget I go mad trying to see how much stuff I can make in it – wisely or otherwise. When I obtained a stovetop smoker I smoked everything from tomatoes to wotsits (the tomatoes were lovely – the wotsits not so much…). I look forward to seeing what creations you come up with! It may very well end up inspiring me to beg my mother to return my machine!

Are these raspberries you grew? I know you seem to have a lot you pick from your own garden and I was curious about how extensive your gardening is!

Haha – I’m bad with moderation too. I’ll be doing some more stuff very soon! Smoked wotsits sound gross, why did you even try that? We used to have raspberry brambles, but we got rid of them ages so so sadly we did not :(. They were British though.

For reals. Don’t know why I’ve waited so long. I have 8 kilos of mangoes coming in my next CSA begging to be made into sorbet. Lots and lots of it!

Raspberries (do you say the word like my mother does? roz-breeze?) 🙂 However you say them, I love them, and their flavor in full cream ice-cream is barely this side of paradise. (Beautiful color & pics btw.) (And So happy to hear your weather is finally being kind to you all! You’ve waited long and patiently for it!)

I noticed on at the Olympics on tele people were wearing tshirts and i was quite surprised! Enjoy the sunshine and your yummy looking ice cream.

The best part is that you froze it in a loaf tin. I agonize between ‘how to make it look awesome for a photo shoot’ and ‘how to prevent freezer burn’. I am going to make icecream and put it in a loaf tin. You just wait.
P.S. A plus about now living in North America – cream is available EVERYWHERE, even way up here. It’s like a staple ingredient.. Bring on more icecream recipes before winter jumps upon us – dare I say it – too soon (in case you haven’t gathered we are far too excited for winter in the Arctic).

Wow, this looks amazing! I’m pretty sure we were given an ice cream maker years ago for Christmas (Dad used it once to produce an abysmal cookie dough ice cream), but maybe I’ll dig it out again 🙂

Just a tip for next time: you can do strawberries easily without worrying about the amount if you stew them a bit beforehand. Then some of the water gets evaporated and you don’t have to worry about pureeing it. Plus then you get lovely chunks of soft strawberries in your ice cream!

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