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Keeping Alive Tradition #4: Glamorgan Sausages (Vegetarian)

The Glamorgan Sausage, or Selsig Morgannwg, is a traditional vegetarian Welsh sausage which contains two very Welsh ingredients; Caerphilly cheese and leeks. It seems that they used to be made using Glamorgan cheese, but such a thing is no longer available, though it is reportedly very much like the creamy Caerphilly. If Caerphilly cheese is not available where you live fear not, mature cheddar cheese or something a little creamier will do just fine. Besides, it’s the breadcrumbs that really hold these incredibly tasty sausages together.

I can’t believe this is only my fourth post in the ‘Keeping Alive Tradition’ Series. However, I’ve recently come into possession of a book about traditional Welsh food, so it should provide me with a little more information and a modicum of inspiration. It may surprise you to discover that Wales has an extremely rich culinary history; we’re world famous for cockles, seaweed, lamb, beef and many other foods besides. Perhaps I’m a little biased, but I think Welsh food must be one of the most underappreciated cuisines in all the world, notwithstanding the well-known ‘bara brith’. If you’re interested in seeing the other recipes from this series you may find them all HERE!

Despite the relative simplicity of these sausages, their flavour is really rather impressive; Caerphilly cheese and leeks combine to make a particularly stunning sausage. Indeed, these cylindrical joys aren’t for the faint of heart or tonsil – I’ve witnessed more than one leek eating competition in my time. Still, if you’re looking for a delicious, sumptuous and almost decadent vegetarian sausage, you can’t go far wrong with these beauties.

Glamorgan Sausages

Makes 7-8


• 1 large leek, finely chopped

• 120g Caerphilly cheese, crumbled

• 130-150g brown breadcrumbs plus extra for rolling

• 2 eggs, separated

• Olive oil

• Salt and pepper


1. Fry the leeks for 8-10 minutes with a little oil, salt and pepper. Once they have sweated right down transfer them to a large mixing bowl.

2. To the leeks add the cheese, breadcrumbs and egg yolks. Use 130g of breadcrumbs at first and add more if necessary. This mixture should form a very stiff dough. Shape the dough into seven or eight sausages. Dip each sausage in the egg whites before coating in bread crumbs. Pop them in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up.

3. Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan and fry three or four sausages at a time, until browned. The heat need not be too high. Enjoy with a side salad.

Cost: None of the ingredients are themselves particularly expensive and since this recipe should serve a group of four I think you’ll agree that this is rather good value for money. Indeed, the cost of eight of these divine beauties should be around £2 – far cheaper and healthier than any good quality meat sausage you’ll find.

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These look fantastic! I am loving this traditional foods series. Glamorgan sausages are yummy and I never knew they were so simple to put together. How do you get them so uniformly formed and browned?

Once, I enrolled a friend in a sushi eating contest without his consent. After much protesting, the man came in third place. Third place! I was so proud. I felt like I had raised a prize-winning hog or something!

I didn’t know that there were leek-eating contests. Not raw, right?

Are you going to make laverbread? I always wanted to taste it, but never got the chance . . .

Thanks, Daisy! Sorry about the late reply. I’m just brilliant! Actually, it’s fairly simple – don’t use too high a heat… That’s very impressive – I’m not the biggest fan of sushi. Yes, raw… that’s why they are contests… I might make it – there seems to be a lot of demand for me to do so…

And just where was this recipe all winter and early spring when I was drowning in leeks? I know, I know — it was in someone’s head in Wales. I am going to try this before the leek population winds down for the year. Thank you.

Thanks for the “history” bit! I developed a bit of an addiction to Glamorgan sausages when I moved to Edinburgh (they’re not known in Italy… pity) but didn’t where they’re from… Or how to make them! and for £2 every 8, I have no excuses not to treat myself 🙂

I’m now so hungry and I just ate breakfast. 🙂 This is why I’m in love with your blog! You always make me hungry. I’ve never heard of these delightful little vegetarian sausages and I can’t wait to make them. Because I’m way over here in the US, if I can’t find the Caerphilly cheese, what sort of cheese would you suggest? I’m so looking forward to reading more about your delicious Welsh cuisine!

I’d be really interested to see what else you do in this series. I must confess that, even next door in England, I’m pretty unfamiliar with Welsh food outside of laverbread and cawl cennin (and I think you introduced me to cawl cennin in the first place…).

My Auntie Ede used to make these (and Bara Brith) although she was from Mold, not Glamorgan! Have never attemtped them myself but think I could manage to get all the right ingredients here in Andalucía to make a good stab at them. Hope they turn out as well as yours – congratulations!

Wonderful! I have a couple of leeks left from winter storage and was just wondering what to do with them. The Welsh cookbook I just picked up adds a bit of chopped fresh herbs (parsley, thyme and “very little” sage” and a teaspoon of mustard powder.

Oh I will most certainly try these this weekend!! I would also be very happy to read some recipes involving seaweed. We have a lot of that around here but I wouldn’t know where to begin! There is one restaurant in town that slices it into fettucini noodles…..not too sure about that!

Yum, yum, yum! These look so tasty. I’m a big fan of Lancashire cheese (I have Lancastrian blood) which is creamy and slightly tangy, so wondering if it would work in this sausages. Must try. Oh, by the way – who’s Alice?! 🙂

Neither a cake nor a sausage maker am I!! But this I’ll try and replicate! They sound good to have and come at an opportune time! Well, Wales may not be England, but there is a Prince of Wales who, together with much of the world, is celebrating the life and work of a very special lady this weekend. Perchance Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II would not quietly mind one of these either! Ma’am!!

Yes, research needed, my kitchen is super dark with dark wood and dark reds everywhere, doesn’t help food photography at all :/

I think these look wonderful. We have a few vegetarian friends who would especially adore them, especially made with our homemade perennial leeks which grow like a weed in our garden!

On the topic of Welsh food – the one dish I’ve always been intrigued by is laverbread. I’d love to know more about it, if you’re taking requests.. 😉

Thanks, Celia! Oh my! I want some of your leeks :D. Hmm, laverbread… I’ve never been too keen on it. Perhaps I’ll give it a go. Maybe I’ll even gather the seaweed myself… we’ll have to see about it though.

I love the idea of these vegetarian sausages and they seem simple to make! Bookmarking the recipe- will have to see what cheese I can use to substitute the one you mentioned.

These look delicious and perfect for my vegetarian son. My daughter-in-law has developed a wonderful veggie fry up recipe for him using purchased veggie sausage – we will both want to try this for sure. Also nice to note lots of traditional dishes rely on simple flavor combinations.

Just found you through another blog (Saint Yumminess herself…) and am amazingly glad to have done so (might have to scour that sainted ladies blogroll for more treasures like yours…) Just made these for dinner last night. Cold stormy Tasmania…expat Liverpudlian/ Sarf end on sea husband devoured them despite prior to moving to Australia being a chips and curry man. So much to learn…so much to cook…so many blogs to wade through, but YOUR blog sir, is now firmly tucked into my rss feed reader to devour at my leisure…a most emphatic “CHEERS” to you sir! 🙂

Oh, my goodness! These look amazing! I’ve never heard of glamorgan sausages or either of those cheeses, but leeks are coming in around here and I’m sure I could get my hands on some aged cheddar and breadcrumbs. 🙂

So. I just read through your tradition series.. and I’m so excited about it. We have a friend from Whales who is moving away and these all look like the makings of a perfect going away party! Whoo!

Thanks for this recipe. I love leeks – and have a garden full of them right now. I think I will make these “sausages” for this weekend’s Father’s Day breakfast. Especially since none of the processed vegetarian sausages available in the grocery store are edible! I have nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award for informative, illuminating blog content. I know that not everyone participates in awards, but if it is for you the details can be found at :

I’m afraid We can’t get hold of Caerphilly cheese in Belgium … What cheese would you advise as a substitute?

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