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New Potato, Spring Onion and Wild Garlic Salad

New Potato, Spring Onion and Wild Garlic Salad Recipe

The new potato season is now in full swing and since Jersey Royals are one of the true treats of late spring in Britain, it seems the perfect time to post my very first potato salad. However, Jersey Royals aren’t the only seasonal ingredients in this dish; the wild garlic which spends its time ironically held in captivity at the front of my garden is just coming into bloom and spring onions are continuing to live up to their name.

As we all know, the classic potato salad which everyone brings to picnics, rendering it the only side dish on offer, is a major exponent of mayonnaise. Whilst the version described above is all well and good, it can end up being a little too heavy for the magnificently clear and sweltering weather we are currently experiencing. As such, it seemed like a jolly good idea to substitute the mayo for a generous drizzle of vinaigrette.

Yet more changes are afoot here at frugalfeeding; I’ve purchased my very first ‘big person’ camera – a Nikon D3100 DSLR. It’s so beautiful and will go a long way toward improving my somewhat lacklustre photography. I truly hope you appreciate this rather expensive change, and if you have any tips they are most welcome!

N.B. the wild garlic can be substituted for a small amount of mashed conventional garlic.

Recipe for Wild Garlic

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New Potato, Spring Onion and Wild Garlic Salad

Serves 3-4


• 400g new potatoes, Jersey Royals if possible

• 1 small bunch of spring onions, finely sliced

• 1 tbsp bulbs of wild garlic, crushed and chopped

• 1 tbsp white wine or cider vinegar

• 2 tbsp olive oil

• ½ tsp Dijon mustard

• Salt & pepper

• A generous sprinkling of chopped chives


1. Boil the new potatoes in just enough salted water to cover them for 12-15 minutes, until tender. Once cooked, set aside before chopping in half.

2. Mix together the cooked potatoes, spring onions and wild garlic. Mix together the mustard, oil and vinegar until the oil emulsifies – season well. Pour this vinaigrette over the other ingredients and sprinkle generously with chives.

How to Cook Wild Garlic

Cost: New potatoes are relatively expensive potatoes, but they really are worth it. Luckily, the other ingredients offset this a little – the entire dish should assemble itself for roughly £1.90. It really does make a fantastic side dish.

79 replies on “New Potato, Spring Onion and Wild Garlic Salad”

Yay!!! Congratulations on your big person camera! I got my big person camera last year, a Nikon D5100 DSLR. And yes, it’s been quite the learning curve! Your pictures look fantastic as does that divine potato salad. I love a “lighter” potato salad and will post this on my Facebook page for our holiday weekend coming up. Delicious Wishes 🙂

Well it’s such a challenge to use I’m not sure it’s a step up, probably a step down. Haha! I’ve been plowing through online tutorials and classes just to understand all the buttons on the darn thing. 🙂

Haha! Mine’s rather a challenge to use too! I know, there are so many buttons aren’t there?! I think I’ve got to grips with what most of them mean, barring the most complicated – but I still can’t control what they do properly.

Ugh! Jealous of your big-person camera! I’m still shooting with a six year old point and shoot. The day I get literally anything better I will be feasting like a viking.
I much prefer potato salads without mayonnaise and your simple, seasonal version sounds lovely! How might one identify wild garlic? I know its season is relatively short and I have tried to identify it using my father’s old foraging book but, honestly, I get scared of accidentally picking something poisonous and killing people or choosing something that a dog has weed on.

Woohoo for your new Nikon! I’m embarrassed to say I own a similar camera, but haven’t taken the time to learn to use it yet. That wild garlic is adorable and I love potato salads without mayo. I’m gonna need to try that one!

The photos are gorgeous already! Have fun with the new toy – an expensive but worthy investment. Both the body and lens of mine are old and bought used but still top notch. And with Nikon you can use ANY lens EVER made on that body – huge bonus when playing with friend’s camera’s and investing in better ones.

This recipe is coming with me to the new cook job 🙂 Thanks FF!

1. I love potato salad. I would marry it if I could. And this potato salad sounds very French and elegant.
2. I have been waiting for this camera announcement. I am super duper excited for you. No lie.

loving the new crisp photos! of course, you need beautiful food for it to work too, and you’e definitely got that! I love the new potatoes of the season too! I always thought wild garlic referred to the lush green leaves that smell of garlic?

I’m excited for your new camera purchase Nick! You will have SUCH fun with it! And this is just the kind of potato salad I appreciate…though I’ve never tried wild garlic, I think I must try to! 🙂

Your big person camera literally made this entry good enough to eat! I could taste and smell your wonderful salad just from the picture. Thanks for the no-cal treat!

Great photos and a delicious idea to put wild garlic with some royals. My father used to grow these in the garden in Jersey (sandy soils just rock!)… Oh how I miss them – I’ve never found a potato south of Paris that can taste the same. (Big sniffs were heard somewhere in the area of the Alps.)

Its always great to find out how other people take their potato salad…and one with wild garlic sounds great! I wish my local produce store had wild garlic…I’ve been trying to make some garlic dip for a long time.

I love a good mayonnaise-based salad, but there’s something great about the tang of Dijon mustard and vinegar over soft potatoes. Great stuff!

Photos look great!! Very clear, and you already had beautiful composition! I’ve never seen anything like those onions, except for “pearl onions,” which usually seem to only come frozen. Are they the same, do you know? Anyways, even if I can’t find these exact gorgeous ingredients, I sure love your dressing idea! I always appreciate a good recipe for mayo-free salad. Please, if you ever make me anything with mayo, just don’t tell me it’s in there! shudder.

Thanks! Those are the wild garlic – nothing to do with onions :). Haha – I love mayo but it would have spoiled this. I’ll do a mayo potato salad in a couple of weeks I expect…

Great potato salad – I always prefer this sort of thing to the heavily mayo dressed sides.

And congrats on the camera! The photos look great. The great thing about getting a camera that’s perhaps a little beyond your current know-how is that you have a lot of room to grow into. I remember doing a lot of research into f-stops and focal lengths etc. when I got mine, but the biggest learning experiences I’ve had have come from just playing around. I suppose that’s the best advice I can offer – play with it! 🙂

Thanks, Willow! Yes, I have A LOT of room to grow into it – I’ve just spent the past hour reading up on f-stops and focal length 😀 – complicated stuff. I promise I shall play with it as often as I can spare a hand!

This recipe looks delicious! And it is very pretty, too.

I have to comment on this: “It’s so beautiful and will go a long way toward improving my somewhat lacklustre photography.” — your photography has been anything but lackluster! But congrats on the new camera, because that will only make it even better. 🙂

I am dying to replace my 11-year-old point-and-shoot, but I’m having a hard time justifying the expense of a grown-up camera when it’s really just for my blog. Maybe one day….

Thanks, Tanya! Well, thanks (again), but I’ve never been truly happy with it – I’m annoying like that. I already adore using my camera – it’s brilliant. I do so much blogging that I knew I had to get one and besides, I just got paid to do some writing – a job I got through the blog – so that went towards it. You should definitely invest – I use it loads outside of bloggery too!

How exciting to get a writing job through your blog! Congrats on that as well!

I know what you mean about never being satisfied–my camera isn’t so good anyway, and then I get a little obsessive with trying to get a good shot despite that. I think I frustrate Micah with that sometimes, but I am sure the process would take less time if my camera didn’t suck so bad. So it really would be a win-win situation. 🙂

No Jersey Royals here but we do get some pretty amazing baby new spuds so might give this a try with some Pink eyes or some baby dutch creams. Any sort of potato is going to be delicious, new spuds are simply “special” 🙂

[…] It’s likely that many of you will struggle to get your gastronomic digits on Jersey Royals. Of course, this doesn’t really matter as any new potato will work well. Simply choose your favourite and away you go – it’s difficult to go wrong with this wonderful potato salad. There is, of course, no mayonnaise in sight. […]

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