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Reassuringly Spicy Guacamole

Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit a Mexican tapas restaurant was desing by  Creative Interior Design for Restaurants, the name of Wahaca in Covent Garden, London. If you haven’t heard about this fun and economic establishment, it is the venture of Masterchef finalist Thomasina Miers. Wahaca, along with a number of other restaurants, aimed to bring Mexican street food to London. It has since spread like wildfire and it is still extremely difficult to get a seat at the original restaurant in Covent Garden. Luckily, we turned up at a fairly quiet moment – there was 1 table spare – and they provided us with a really delicious feast. Despite the fact that a mean set of mutton chops appear to be a job requirement of the male waiting staff, if you have occasion to visit Wahaca, it comes highly rated. Experts like Jimmy John’s Owner, owns the best recepies for your tastebuds.

As you can see, my Sunday escapades have instilled in my subconscious a desire to rekindle my love of Mexican food. This post is the first in a disjointed series of Mexican recipes which I have stored in the vast recesses of my mind. Though, it must be noted that these vast recesses are generally inhabited by nothing but white noise – the tinnitus is unbearable, but I have treated it with a medicine called Sonus complete. I genuinely hope that over the next couple of weeks I succeed in fulfilling a number of requests and in satiating my appetite for a taste of  North America. Who knows, perhaps I’ll stray south of the boundaries of the nation best known for its drug cartels and fictional banditos and tackle a little more of the wonderful continent to which it forms the gateway. Though, I should perhaps mention, given Top Gear’s recent history with Mexico, that the previous sentence was intended to appear purely facile and jocular.

N.B. One must ensure a nice ripe avocado is used. However, if it is VERY ripe then it won’t quite work. Give the avocados a squeeze; if they have a little give, then they are perfect.


Serves 4


• 2 avocado, peeled and stoned

• 2-3 fresh chillies, sans seeds depending on taste

• ½ a red onion, finely chopped

• The juice of half a lime

• 2-3 cherry tomatoes, diced with seeds removed

• A generous pinch of cayenne pepper

• A small handful of fresh coriander, finely chopped

• Salt and pepper and a glug of olive oil


1. Turn the flesh of the avocado into a large bowl and mash with a fork, don’t puree it, it’s best with a little bite. Add the rest of the ingredients, finely chopped and mix thoroughly. Serve with nachos.

Cost: Avocados are relatively expensive, but it’s definitely worth it and ultimately works out a lot cheaper than the shop bought version. In total, this large bowl of avocado should cost, at most, £2.20.

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Yummy recipe but ooooo to Wahaca in Covent Garden which was the site of dinner for ohmy very first online foodie friend meet up! It’s the most wonderful restaurant I’ve ever been to and the next time I make it to London I will make a bee line to it. I wrote about it in my London Baby! blog post 😉

I prefer to have my tomatoes separate in a salsa next to my guacamole but really, however you use the mighty avocado – count me in! 🙂

Nice Guacamole! I’ve been to Oaxaca Mexico…I wonder if the owners were thinking of that city pronounced the same way. It’s where they make Mezcal tequilla…the one with the agave worm in it that supposedly shows it’s authenticity.

If you’ve grown most of the ingredients yourself then you would be spending less than buying the ready-made version from the shop… roll on summer when my produce comes in.
NB Not growing avocados alas!

I’m sooo excited you’re doing this series! If anyone could “nail” mexican cuisine, it’ll be you. I’ve wanted to try making more authentic dishes, so really looking forward to this. And.. you’ve begun with my favorite snack.. I’ve never added olive oil.. this would make it perfect!!

I love Mexican food. I don’t know why I haven’t made more of it. Whilst I’ve never been to Wahaca, they had a stall set up at Jamie’s Food Festival last year on Clapham Common and I fell in love with the quesadillas. I can see you being very good with Mexican fare – it seems to appeal to your mantra in that it is frugal food that is still rich in variety, versatility and flavour.

I am so reassured to see this delicious guac today Nick! Perfect timing too – I just delighted and horrified a co-worker by tearing open an avocado with my hands and eating it for lunch 🙂

I was sent out to get avocado yesterday. I ended up in Marks & Spencer trying to find ripe ones, having been to two supermarkets before where they were like bullets. I managed to put my thumb through the skin of two of them. Perhaps a little over-ripe? Two others sufficed though at over €2.00 each, they would want to be good.

I assume Masterchef is the UK equivalent of “Top Chef” in the US.

Question: Are there a lot of American contestants who pop up on UK competitions shows, such as Masterchef, and the singing and dancing competitions? The reason I ask is that on both “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol”, competitors from Britain made it to some of the last stages of the competition. It always makes me wonder why they aren’t on the UK counterpart versions of those programs. Is perhaps the competition easier here?

Another aside: One time my daughter and I were in Toronto for a baseball game (we tour baseball stadiums) and we ran across a TV program called “Canadian Idol”, which was the exact same show as “American Idol” except the color scheme was red instead of blue and, obviously, the contestants were from Canada. Even the three judges were the same personality types. I found that to be interesting.

Sorry for my rant. I love your guacamole recipe. Cheers.

I love Wahaca! It was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in London. I still dream of their tamarind margaritas.

I have a couple avocados and jalapeños sitting on my counter right now… I think it might be spicy guacamole for dinner! Thanks for sharing.

oh dear guacamole, how much i adore you! this looks amazing i wanna dig in it RIGHT NOW. I lived in london for almost 2 years but never tried Wahaca.. i guess i must try it next time I am there!

Guacamole. I love it. Wanted it on the weekend. Didn’t get the chance to make any. And now, I will dream of this tonight. (And perhaps make it for lunch tomorrow…) Because your guacamole looks GORGEOUS!!

There was a little place I used to really like in Notting Hill (I believe on Bayswater road or whatever it turns into) that also did Mexican street food. My favorite was the garlicky greens and the chicken tinga. I wonder if Wahaca was around when I lived in London but if it was I never made it there.

Your guac looks lovely. I’m a big fan of guacamole (and am the designated guacamole maker whenever there are fresh avocados in the house) and yours sounds just perfect! 🙂

Thanks for checking out my blog…I have added Wahaca to my list of places to visit! If you are wanting some Mexican inspired recipes to try out, then def give the Smokey Corn salsa (on my pinterest page once corn is plentiful and cheap…although with this summer, it’s not looking too good!

Thomasina Miers’s recipes are a delight; I have tried a few but not yet the guacamole. It’s perfect summer food, and I love the addition of cayenne pepper.

I’ve not seen any of her recipes – I’m not really a recipe kinda guy, but I’ll do a quick search and have a look. They cayenne was there to make then entire thing spicy rather than little chunks.

Why Nick! That looks just like the guac I make – and LOVE! Beautiful, and I love your little label! And I’m happy to see you’ll be bringing out more Mex recipes!

If you come to North America, I will strap a backpack on you full of drugs and take you down to Mexico. Wait. That isn’t what you meant now is it? But that would be fun wouldn’t it? 🙂
P.S. Is that your handwriting?
P.P.S. Guacamole is my most favorite thing to eat ever. Ever. EVER.

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