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Carrot and Raisin Cake – My First Guest Post

Just a quick note to say that my first ever guest post has now been posted at Fork and Beans. It’s a really delicious recipe and deserves some love, despite the fact it’s not appearing here. Be warned – it contains very little, being at once gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free and vegan! I hope you enjoy both this recipe and the rest of Cara’s fantastic, and slightly insane, blog.

45 replies on “Carrot and Raisin Cake – My First Guest Post”

I need to meet you in person. This way, I don’t have to write out *punching you in the shoulder right now*–I can just do it. BAHAHAHAHA! You have a clear point here…

I remember you saying with your brownies that you tend to prefer the textures of Gluten Free cakes and I totally agree with you! Good job on the first guest post and thanks for showing me the way to Cara’s blog.

This looks lovely! Carrot cake is my absolute favorite so I’m always looking to try new versions. And the simplicity of ingredients is much appreciated!

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